Why would they want to hire me versus that other woman, there are way more qualified people out there than me? I don’t know If I should work on my website first or figure out what I’m really offering to people – wait on my business card logo guy is still waiting to hear back from me, gosh why haven’t I called that lady back yet who invited me to speak at her event...

Do you ever wonder when that damn inner critic of yours is just going to lay down and die already?

I just got off the phone with a good friend of mine with whom I co-led a women’s empowerment meeting last night. We discussed what happened at the meeting, what went wrong, our intentions for next time and how we would organize and our structure our content to better facilitate heartfelt sharing in an open space of sisterhood and community.

During the event I could feel things kind of slipping away – the conversation running astray, the theme wasn’t tight enough I thought to myself, we didn’t give the women enough direction, this could have been done better bla bla bla.
Out of all the women I coach feeling stuck and paralyzed is all too common. It’s seems as if there is this elusive “moment” when everything will feel just right and then you’ll really KNOW that you’re ready – that it’s finally time.

If taking that flying leap and just beginning is constantly stalled by waiting for the kids to go back to school, for when there will be enough time, enough money, enough knowledge, I just got to take one more course then I’ll know enough, then I’ll maybe feel more ready.... then you’ll love these quick tips to get you into action.

I too have suffered from perfectionism, feeling paralyzed, always wondering what others will think of me, and I gotta tell you – that elusive moment that you’re waiting for - it simply doesn’t exist. That little voice of self doubt will always be there and what I’ve discovered is that the successful people I have studied have just learnt how to successfully DEAL with it better. Here’s what I’ve got to share with you about what I’ve found to work well.
3 Keys to Overcoming Perfectionism So You Can Get Into Action Fast!

1) Make it about other’s don’t make it about yourself.
When you get into thinking about how you compare, or don’t measure up versus what other people know it’s always a losing game. Instead, get into the game of service and turn the tables on your perspective. Think about how many people will lose out by you not sharing what’s in your heart.

When you doubt yourself and your abilities and that stubborn little critic chirps up remember to every 3rd grader – a 4th grader seems like a GOD. Think about it. Do you remember what it was like in school looking up to the senior high kids when you were in junior high?

Think about your business in the same way. You don’t need to be a Tony Robbins to make a difference in the world and impact people. There are TONS of 3rd graders that would LOVE a 4th graders perspective. Focus your attention on serving those people and STOP thinking and comparing yourself to others. Focus on the people you CAN help and you will.

2) Sloppy starts are better than no results
Whenever I find myself procrastinating or judging others it’s a tell tail sign that I need to just get off the bleachers and jump into the game. I guarantee you’ll learn a heck of a lot more by jumping in the game and tending to a few scraped knees on the courts versus watching from the comfort of the bleachers. Your game may not be perfect, it may not be great, you may drop the ball a few times, but if you never give yourself permission to try and fail, you’ll never have a shot at enjoying success either.

Everyone has to start somewhere. Sometimes I listen into some of the interviews I did years ago and I wince when I hear myself... mastery has to begin somewhere. Like the saying goes – there is no reward without risk and in my books the only way TO anything is straight THROUGH it. That also includes all of the emotions you’re trying so hard to avoid feeling by playing it “safe and small”.

3) Leggo my EGGO
Remember that commercial on TV? The one with the EGGO muffin that ghastly thing you buy in the grocery store and stick in the toaster for breakfast? Ok we’ll that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the other EGO - that inner critic, that little voice that never seems to give you a break.

Let’s do a little test...
Can you just make a decision right now to accept your life exactly as it is....and can you let go of the whole idea to want to change it - in any way? Just for right now? And can you just decide - to MAKE a decision to LOVE your life - right now exactly as it is - without wanting to change any of it? Could you make that decision?
Well, could you?

ACCEPTANCE = a very high vibration, LOVE = even higher.
Instead of pushing and struggling with what's in your reality right now - consider coming into acceptance and in love your life exactly as it is right now and more importantly yourself.

Love is the way to let it be easy ♥

You’ll never get anywhere if you’re constantly beating yourself up. If you can master your emotions you can master your life. You are in control of your reality because you are in control of your decisions and your thinking.

We create so much resistance for ourselves simply out of habit; consider that success is simply another way of thinking, a new habit to try on something you can practice.

For some reading this moving from fear, out of habit and perfectionism and into imperfect action might be a far stretch – hopefully the next time your inner critic pipes up – you’ll catch it and send it some love and remember these 3 powerful mindset shifts to help you through.

To Your Love, Expansion & Freedom

Author's Bio: 

Vanessa Simpkins is a sky rocket your confidence & cash flow mentor, speaker and author of “From Bankrupt to $900 a Day Selling Mops”. Creator of the “Transformational Breakthrough Summit” Vanessa helps women entrepreneurs breakthrough their inner blocks, skyrocket their confidence and put proven systems in place to attract more clients and make more money. She’s been featured in “Motivated Magazine”, “Today’s Business Women Magazine”, worked alongside personal development experts like Joe Vitale from the hit Movie “The Secret” & Marci Shimoff from “Happy for No Reason” and has also spoken at the TED EX “Let’s Spread Success” event in Montreal. Vanessa loves teaching authentic success principals that empower and inspire **Personal & Professional FREEDOM ** to help entrepreneurs create a life and business by design instead of by default. To find out more about her workshops in Costa Rica, USA and Canada and to get your FREE audio “How to Sky Rocket Your Confidence & Cash Flow: 5 of the Biggest Money, Mindset and Power Leaks Entrepreneurs Make and How to Avoid Them” visit her website www.TakeYourPowerBackNow.com