Do you suffer from go go go mode? Do you have a hard time relaxing and enjoying yourself just for the pure sake of enjoyment WITHOUT being productive?

Do you tend to feel a bit guilty saying “no” when honoring your own needs above others?

Do you tend to over analyze things, over think and procrastinate taking action, make goals and feel disappointed when despite your best efforts they don’t materialize?

You’re not alone; many women unknowingly sabotage their success in despite their best efforts. Find out how you can avoid the most common mistakes women make so you can enjoy more wealth, freedom and success on your terms.

#1 What happened to ME time?

Let’s face it as women we were made to multi task! The problem arises when we try and do too many things at once and end up spinning our wheels instead of actually taking profitable action in our business.

Then we tend to forget to take time for ourselves in all of this business building and wind up totally overwhelmed and exhausted. It’s hard to be creative and sell yourself when you’re depleted.

Solution: Create a solid plan and schedule “downtime” into the mix. When you come from your center of balance you naturally connect with your center of power to create and attract. Get into nature, go to the spa, take a long bath, get a pedicure, take a mini vacation, or do something just for you.

When you find your balance and recharge yourself you’ll be better able to tackle what’s on your plate, and you’ll be happier while you do it.

#2 Is Your Subconscious Mind Sabotaging Your Best Efforts?
Did you know that by the age of 6 years old you’ve already got all of your subconscious programs?

That’s right! Our subconscious mind is in control 95% of the time, that’s why despite some of your very best efforts and decisions to make more money this year or lose the stubborn weight, you continually experience disappointing results.

Old programs of deservingness, self worth, confidence and self esteem are the gatekeepers to your success. What are your subconscious programs creating for you?

Solution: Stop wondering why others experience massive business breakthroughs while you continue to struggle. Learn how to take your power back, let go of the past and replace your old programs with ones that support your new found vision of success. Find out more about how to reprogram your subconscious mind with subliminal affirmations.

#3 Who’s in the Drivers Seat?

The law of attraction doesn’t work for people because they are not in control of their thoughts. Thought patterns lead to emotions, which vibrate out and attract back to us through the law of attraction.

Instead of feeling recurring guilt, anger, shame and frustration, commit yourself to sitting still and just “BEING” with yourself every day. A daily practice will bring new level of self awareness and liberate your creative energy so you can then direct it to accomplishing your goals and dreams.

Solution: Start a daily practice, like meditation, prayer, yoga, journaling, tai chi etc. Take time to go within everyday and connect with your higher power, receive guidance and most importantly learn how to take your power back and control and direct your stream of consciousness.
The more we enter the present moment with consciousness the greater the shifts happen around us, and that includes major shifts your business, because your business is just an extension of you.

Full Power to Your Success!

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