It’s saddening to note that we are increasingly having an overweight population as days go by. This is largely caused by the sedate lifestyles most people live these days. In fact, it’s more likely that someone will prefer watching TV all day rather than engage in a weight loss workout even for 15 minutes. Regular workouts are an essential part of a healthy lifestyle as they help us to lose weight, prevent disease, strengthen our body muscles, and improve one’s athletic ability.

“Working out regularly helps you to control excess weight gain”, says fitness expert Beatrice of Bodybuilding workouts help to burn calories. The more you workout, the more calories you’ll burn.

Various exercises have stood the test of time and therefore are highly recommended to be included in a weight loss routine. They include:


Squats are highly recommended as they work the lower parts of the body. When done the right way, this heavy, compound exercise effectively sheds unwanted fat in gluteal muscles, hamstrings, core quads, and the spinal cord.

The deadlift

This weight training exercise involves lifting a barbell off the ground to hip region and then lowered back. The deadlift is effective for losing fat around the butt, the back and gluteal muscles.

Work-stretch sets

Work-stretch sets involve stretching in between sets. Though simple, they are very effective. They mainly target the forearms.


Lunges are a workout that focuses on the legs. Lunges are recommended in almost every weight loss program. They are most effective when they are done with barbells and dumbbells.

Push Ups

This barebones weight loss workout is quite challenging. However, if you perform it the right way, you can achieve maximum results. It’s basically performed by raising and lowering your body by pressing down your hands on the floor with your back straight. Push ups target the chest area, biceps and triceps.

Pull Ups

This is an upper body workout that is done by raising your arms by pulling up against a horizontal bar that is fixed above the head. They mainly target the core, biceps and lat region.

Shoulder press

The shoulder press targets the upper body. It primarily burns fat around the shoulder joints.

Other weight loss workouts include bench press, bent-over rows, step ups, and split squats.

Are you ready to lose weight within the shortest time possible? Here is a 30-minute weight loss workout plan that can be performed anywhere.

Ensure you complete each circuit as quickly as possible. Also be keen not to go too fast as you may injure yourself.

i) Jumping jacks (last for I minute, 30 seconds rest)
ii) Prisoner squats (should last for 20-30 seconds)
iii) 10 push ups (No rest)
iv) Metabolic resistance training round 1 (x3)
v) 10 squats ( with barbell, 40 seconds no rest,)
vi) 10 Lunges
vii) 30 sit ups (No rest)
viii) Dumbbell Incline Press (40 seconds, No rest)
ix) Burpees (40 seconds with 10 seconds rest)

It’s important to adhere to the order in which the workouts are presented so that you will be able to alternate various body parts and allow for rest.

So there you have it. Try this and you will be on your way to having the body you’ve always wanted.

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