Everyone expects crisp clean water from their sink without any strange smell. It should always taste clean and cool. This is always expected regardless of the period of the year or the location of the faucet. If your water begins to taste funny, investing in a filtration system is the solution. However, if the water smells funny, it’s time to call a plumber. Read on to discover these 4 funny smells to look out for in your water.

Taste of normal water

It’s very important to keep in mind that normal water is neither sweet nor salty. It has no color, taste, and odor. Therefore, expect water to have no flavor. Tap or mineral water seems to have a taste because of chlorine added to destroy bacteria and other microbes. Therefore, look out for the following funny smells that indicate that your water supply has a problem.

Metal taste

Do you think about zinc, manganese, or iron sometime? These metals are mineral supplements essential for proper functioning of the body. However, these metals might leak into your water through aged pipes or water heaters. You might not even realize that your water contains lead. The moment you realize that your water tastes like metal, call a plumber immediately. It’s a sure sign that your pipes need a replacement immediately.

Smelling like rotten eggs

Have you noticed your water smells like rotten eggs? This is a very disgusting situation caused by hydrogen sulfide in your water. Although it’s not dangerous, no one can get the guts to use water with that smell. Imagine living in a home where you can’t wash, cook, or take a sip because the water is disgusting. The solution is to call a plumber in Phoenix to come and fix the problem ASAP. Taking long to get assistance is very inconveniencing and the hydrogen sulfide is likely to corrode your pipes and make your water turn black.

Tasting like mold

Another problem that might cause water to smell funny is mold. Presence of algae growing along the water supply leads to a moldy smell. Luckily, this water is drinkable after chilling it and refrigeration. If the issue persists, it’s time to call a professional plumber to find the source of the problem. Perhaps the tap, sink, or water fixtures in your kitchen need cleaning. A professional plumber will fix the issue to ensure you get good tasting water again.

Salty taste

The water might also taste and smell like salt. This is a sign that your water is full of chloride. Additionally, salty water can be caused by sewage contamination of your water supply. To avoid putting your entire household at risk, make sure to call a plumber. They can find the cause of the problem after testing your water and find an appropriate solution.

Bottom line

In case your water has any of the above smells, calling a professional plumber is what you should do immediately. Believing that the smell will go away on its own is a bad idea. The plumber will be able to determine the cause of the issue and find an appropriate solution to save you from the inconvenience.

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