I received a card this week from a friend that contained this quotation from Helen Keller: “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” It got me thinking about the ways that I am adventurous in my business and noticing that when I’m adventurous, that is when I am the most successful.

To be adventurous means that you participate in exciting enterprises and bold undertakings. Are you adventurous in how you run your business? What would it look like for you if you were?

Whether you haven’t been exercising your adventure muscles out of fear or lack of know how, today is your opportunity to flex those muscles. Being adventurous is both fun and the perfect way to increase your credibility, visibility and profitability.

So, here are 4 ways for you to raise your bottom line by being adventurous in your business this week. Pick one or more, flex those adventure muscles and have some fun with it.

1. Talk to strangers. Isn’t there an old saying about strangers being friends you haven’t met yet? Strike up a conversation about anything with someone you don’t know at your local coffee shop or supermarket. Doing this grows your confidence and makes it much easier for you to talk to people you want to do business with when you attend your next networking event. It’s fun, too, as you get to meet a variety of people and make great new contacts. So, at the next opportunity, smile, look a stranger in the eye and say “hello.”

2. Let your personality show. In life, and especially in business, it’s easy to get caught up in acting like you think you “should” instead of simply – and proudly – being yourself. However, real success only comes to you when you are being real, when you are being you – truly, madly, deeply YOU. If you have pulled back on living the adventure that is being opening and authentically yourself, today is the perfect day to show the world who you are. Speak your truth. Stand up for yourself. Show people your sense of humor. Let your voice shine through in your business writing. Etc.!

3. Stake your claim. What do you believe? What is the work that you are brilliant at? What causes are important to you? Shout out who you are, what you do and what you stand for. Lay claim to your unique talents, perspectives, ideas and ways of being. Let the world see the real you even if (perhaps especially if) some people will disagree. Make peace with the fact that stepping into your power means you may ruffle a few feathers and be OK with that. Draw a line in the sand about who you are, what you do, what you charge, who you work with, etc. Trust me, as scary as this is that first day, you’ll be so glad you staked your claim.

4. Charge what you really want. You’re a business person with amazing and unique talents that change people’s lives. That means that you can charge fees that you fee great about and that are based on the value you add to your clients’ lives and not what you imagine they maybe can afford. It takes courage to charge what you are really worth so accept the adventurous journey of charging fees that make you happy.

Don’t worry if baby steps feel adventurous to you right now. Start there and see where it takes you. I guarantee that once you see the results you get from a little bit of adventure, you’ll be inspired to go bigger with it.


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