Sometimes don't you feel like you are running around in circles and have lost control?

You will get a lot more accomplished and have less stress in your life if you follow four steps to organizing your time. Most of the stress and 'running out of time' that we experience, is due to a time management problem. Don't feel bad, most of us have it, even some of our family and friends.

This is one of those articles that after you have read it, you will wonder why you haven't thought of how to do it, all by yourself. Organizing your life can be easy if we learn to take back control in our lives. Try these easy little steps and it will help you get back in control.

Yes, I know, people hate to make lists, but it is your guide to your day. It will let you know what has and hasn't been done and help you to start your list for the next day if there has been an oversight.
Make this list the night before, when you can concentrate the best. List everything there is to do for the next day and what time you have to be at appointments. As you accomplish these things, cross them off your list to show you that it is a job well done.

We can lose track of time and run out of time by letting interruptions get in our way. Stay on track; the phone call can be returned later, the neighbor can stop by when you have time and you will benefit from taking back control of your time.

How many times have you found that when you get to an appointment that you are stilling waiting 10 minutes later? Call before an appointment that you have to see if they are on the right time schedule, that things haven't changed with your appointment and to confirm the day and time of your appointment. This will help you to make sure that the person you have the appointment with; remembered the appointment, is on time and that they haven't rescheduled your appointment.

Take a look at what you have all accomplished during the day; you will know why you are tired. If you have anything that is left over, this will be put on your list for tomorrow (at the tops of the list), so you will have a second chance to get it finished. If you have a lot of things left over, you had too many things either on your list to begin with or too many interruptions that you couldn't stay on task. This is you take care of be evaluating your list and learning from it.

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