Every venture has its own setbacks. In as much as there are things you do as an entrepreneur to achieve your goals, so are there attitudinal traits that inhibit entrepreneurial development. You can choose to call them enemies of achievements.

1.Procrastination: Procrastination they say is the thief of time. There is no tomorrow because it never comes. What you do today will affect how your tomorrow will be. Out of laziness, resistance and complacency entrepreneurs are forced to shift activities. If you want to draw a business plan it must be now, if you want to write a proposal, it must be now, if you must register your business, it must be now, if you must quit a job and start your own business it must be now. A lot of entrepreneurs have great vision and dreams but a lot are in the “someday island”. They hope to achieve them someday. They never get there in actual fact. Write the dream on paper, figure out areas of strength and areas of resistance, set time against your dreams. When you have done this, employ your passion and go get them.

2.Tying your dreams to Age: Age is nothing but a number. Whatever you want to do has nothing to do with your age. It’s all about attitude, level of exposure, knowledge and the self-will. The fact that the CEO of a company achieved success at the age of 50 does not mean entrepreneurial success is tied to age 50. Today there are a lot of young entrepreneurs who have become billionaires. Mark Zuckerberg of facebook.com is a typical example; a billionaire at age 24 as at 2010. Don’t allow your age to limit you in the kinds of dreams you have and your pursuit for achievement. Even God does not consider your age when he assigns you to a task. By your readiness, he empowers you to accomplish the task. Dream as wide as you can, don’t be deterred by how insufficient you may be. As you step out to achieve your goals, all you need shall fall in their place.

3.Retreating at the least obstacle: One thing is certain-obstacles are part of every sphere of life. In the same vein business is not without obstacles and stumbling blocks. And the path of entrepreneurs is treated by those who are ready to face all setbacks that goes with being an entrepreneur. Every successful entrepreneur had the cause to quit his or her pursuit, sometime in life as they were faced with obstacles. Those who went ahead to achieve their dreams in the face of those obstacles are those who saw the beautiful end of their dreams in their mind. Nothing could stop them.

4.Following the status quo: there is no perfect system. What worked out ten years ago has no place today. The world is fast-changing and so is the business environment. The internet has made the world smaller than was thought decades ago. Businesses are using the power of the internet to reach out to their clients. As an entrepreneur, consider the use of social media platforms like facebook.com, twitter.com and myspace.com to reach out to your prospective clients at no cost. Flow with the time and make the necessary adjustment to be able to enjoy the benefits that comes with the change.

5.Failing to set goals and targets: Lacking a sense of direction is doom. If you don’t know where your are going, any rout is pliable. The temptation of not setting goals is that, you get satisfied with any cheap accomplishment. You waste time on emergency issues, you tend to do too many things at a time, and you waste money and resources. You become reactive to situations instead of being proactive, when you fail to set goals. Set SMART goals and follow with all your passion and commitment. Constantly write and review your goals and targets, know them off-head and employ all resources to achieve them.

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