Higher studies not just bring great opportunities but open new doors for the pursuing candidates. In a competitive world where there are saturated job opportunities and the number of applicants is high, it is preferred to secure the best candidate of the lot. To pave a more natural path for yourself and fulfil your dream of achieving a managerial post, an MBA or PGDM is a must. Many MBA colleges have popped up to support the increasing volume of candidates today, but a few best PGDM colleges serve the purpose of giving the candidates a better future.

Let us take a look at the primary 5 reasons why you should pursue an MBA or PGDM and what it has to offer to boost your career.

  • A better approach and focused knowledge-
  • Getting into a recognized MBA institute is tough. However, the process of getting admission adds value to the candidate by changing his perception and expanding his knowledge bank. One gets to possess better-thinking ability while they prepare for such entrance exams. While we pursue higher studies, our stream of study gets narrower towards specific specialization. When a student undergoes an MBA course with a particular speciality, he or she is exposed to the nitty-gritty of the subject. The in-depth knowledge of the topic will help booth his career path and help him reach his personal goals. His knowledge towards a particular subject will provide enhanced exposure and help him sail through when he deals with a similar situation at the workplace.

  • Excellent career opportunities-
  • With few disagreements to this point, it is mentionable that pursuing a higher study after simple graduation adds value to your resume. While there are thousands of graduates available to take a job in India, an added PGDM program to your profile will enhance the chances of your selection for a reputable post. This will also help you to secure a higher salary when compared to other graduates. In the case of executives pursuing an MBA, they can undergo the course to get early promotions and a change of job profile.

  • Managerial position-
  • During a study, it has been noticed that around 70% of the world’s administrative positions such as company managers, Board of Directors, etc. are MBA and PGDM graduates. As this degree exposes you to a managerial perspective of thinking ability with added knowledge, the chances of securing such positions are at the higher end. Along with such a responsible post come in responsibility. Extended hours of work and work pressure regarding important managerial decisions regarding the company will come your way. Pursuing a PGDM course will enable you to think in a broader perspective and will also help you in taking the right decisions in favour of the company.

  • Leadership qualities-
  • With an ever-changing landscape of the business world, the responsibilities of Managers, get increased to a greater extent. Unlike traditional positions, today, the managerial post requires a holistic approach towards their job. Multi-tasking and problem-solving abilities are a must. The constant search for the betterment of the company is what is needed in a leader. Pursuing an MBA or PGDM enables a person to think with a clear perspective, which acts towards the company’s excellence.

  • Sudden boost to your career-
  • With the availability of regular and executive MBA for full-time employees, aspiring executives can pursue the course with ease. When a candidate working for two to three years in a specific position at a company finds himself in a saturated position, then an executive MBA will give him a boost, which will help him to grab a better job opportunity or a better place in the company. In this way, he may boost his career with a fast forward approach and introduce new and fresh ideas to the workplace.

With the main objective of securing a high salary and a guaranteed position at the work front, one must undergo higher studies that best suit his/her career path. Pursuing a PGDM program adds value to your career, but choosing the right PGDM College is a must.

It is indeed true that not all PGDM pursuant are placed in favourable positions. However, that does not indicate the value of the course. Another reason for MBA or PGDM being one of the most opted choices for candidates is that students from any background at any point in their career can take up this course. With new learning abilities, an MBA or PGDM degree will always take you to a better path towards success.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Surabhi Goyal is Director (Officiating) and Professor at Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, New Delhi. She did her Post-Graduate Diploma in Management from IMT Ghaziabad in 1991 and majored in Human Resource Management (HRM) & Marketing and subsequently obtained her Doctorate from Allahabad University in 2000.