What’s holding you back from having the life or career you want? The answer for over 50% of my clients is overcoming fear. This can show up in a variety of ways from doubt, worry, and anxiety. Maybe you’ve been told negative, put-downs over and over again by other people. Or perhaps you’ve tried reaching a goal before and failed at it. It’s completely normal to be afraid in some circumstances, but you have a choice in how you let those thoughts shape your actions.

Even the most successful people have fears in their life, career, and relationships. Just do a little research on any popular person in business, politics, or entertainment. Or you could ask a successful person you know about obstacles endured before they got to where they are today. Many people experienced thoughts around not being good enough, not having enough money, or not being liked. How you handle fear makes the difference in the end results you see. Working with a life coach can help you breakthrough what is stopping you from getting what you want. Let’s discuss the five secrets to overcoming fear to create a life you love!

Explore it- What’s at the root of this fear? Where did these thoughts come from? This might take some time to reflect on. Really dig through the layers of the story you are telling yourself. It’s possible that this belief was given to you by someone else and you’ve just been accepting it as true. How true is it that if you quit the current job you hate, that you will never find another position?

Create a support system- While you are working, out at meetings, or building a business, who is supporting you? Many people believe they can “go it alone,” and don’t need help. The reality is that most people who try to do everything on their own, waste a lot of time, deplete their energy, and end up feeling burnt out. Having a team to support you will accelerate your growth, provide a sense of security, and help you reach your full potential.

Live within your means- This is simply the practice of spending less money then you make on a monthly basis. Many people have fears around money, so they completely avoid looking at or understanding their finances. Over time, conscious spending can free you of any negative, money beliefs. By creating a simple plan and sticking to it, you will find that you can afford that trip or exciting project.

Dare to dream- What are your dreams? They might be something deep in your mind that you’ve never told anyone else. Really get in tuned with yourself here. All of our modern day conveniences: electricity, cars, airplanes, and computers were once dreams. Imagine if those inventors had held back because of what other people thought about them. Believing that what you desire is possible is imperative to making your dreams a reality.

Take action- Understanding where a negative belief comes from helps you move through the fear. After making that mental shift, you can start taking actions that help you achieve your goals. This sounds simple, but in fact can be the hardest part. Knowing something on an intellectual level isn’t the same as putting it into practice. If you want help around this, consider working with a coach.

Fear is a natural emotion that we all experience. It doesn’t have to stop you from living the lifestyle you want. By exploring your thoughts, creating a support system and taking action you can work on overcoming fear. What is one thing you can do today to step out of your comfort zone?

Author's Bio: 

Porschia Parker is a Certified Professional Coach, Founder of Fly High Coaching: http://www.fly-highcoaching.com/ and the Millennial Performance Institute.

When she is not coaching, Porschia enjoys traveling, cooking, and working with animals.

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