Finding a gift for Mom is never an easy task. Sometimes we feel they have everything but little do we know that they rarely buy for themselves. Knowing what your mom desires is helpful in finding the perfect gift for her. There are many simple gifts you can give to your mom that will surely warm her heart and make her feel how much you love and appreciate her.

Here are 5 simple gift ideas that your mom will surely treasure.

  1. Spa Treat Experience. When is the last time you spend a day just with your mom? Treating your mom to a spa experience is a great bonding experience for the both of you that she will always remember throughout her life just as much as you will. You can go on a Jacuzzi or a steam bath as you enjoy each other’s company and catch up with the things that you missed while you were not together. It is also great to have a good massage after the relaxing bath to release all the muscle tensions and stress. Then treat her to her favourite restaurant or bring her to a shopping mall and buy her something she likes.
  2. Handcraft Jewelry. A piece of jewelry can last for a lifetime and that’s what makes it a great gift especially for women because they love accessories. One way to make jewelry more special is have it handcrafted and uniquely made for a person. Giving your mom a handcrafted jewelry is like giving her a treasure that she can hold for her lifetime. It may not be worth a million dollars but it’s a priceless gift that will always reminds her of you.
  3. Handbag. Every woman loves handbags and an addition to her collection is always welcome because we love to match the bag with the cloths that we’re wearing and place that we’re going to. As mentioned in the beginning of this article, moms rarely buy for themselves so why not buy her something that you know she desires and be happy to have. Check on her wardrobe to see what design she mostly like and whether she has a favourite brand.
  4. Kitchen Appliance. A practical yet a very thoughtful gift as it shows how much you care for her. Most moms love to spend time in the kitchen to prepare food and discover new recipes. Giving her a new kitchen appliance is one way to support her in something that she loves to do. Aside from it will help her prepare food or drink more easily, it will also make her happy to have a new appliance in her kitchen. You may want to consider her kitchen design when choosing an appliance to make her happier.
  5. Plants. A bouquet of flowers will surely brighten up your mom’s face but flowers will soon wither out and be thrown away. A better idea is to give her a pot of live flowers or orchids which she can enjoy for a long period of time. You can give her a dish garden which is a combination of different plants grown and arranged nicely on a pot to look like a mini garden or represent a scene in nature.

Consider these ideas when choosing a gift for Mom. Remember, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Showing that you love and appreciate her is more important than anything else.

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Isabella Whitmore is a mother of two and likes sharing her ideas about motherhood, family, and home management. She writes for, an appliance website that offers a wide selection of electric kettles to suit your needs.