Some of the greatest challenges our society faces today is overwhelm and distraction. It seems like most of us suffer from an inability to maintain our attention and focus on getting our dreams and goals across the finish line.

In Part 1 “5 Ways Spiritual Overload Syndrome Sabotages Your Productivity“, I explained that Spiritual Overload Syndrome is running rampant.

One of the serious consequences of our hyper-connected, fast-paced life isn’t just the overwhelm and not getting our goals accomplished. When we are always dashing around and stressed out, our bodies are perpetually being stimulated into a “flight or fight” response. Being constantly bathed in the release of adrenalin, we put our health at risk.

Here are 5 steps you can take to break free from Spiritual Overload Syndrome when it strikes, and transform overwhelm into productivity.

1. Break the Spiral and Get Grounded

When you are stuck in the spin cycle of SOS, you get into a mental and energetic churning state. Worry, doubt and critical thoughts start to run around like 3 hamsters on a wheel, creating a lack of clarity and confidence.

When you feel like you’re in that spin cycle, the first thing to do is stop. Move you body, whether by doing 10 jumping jacks, going for a walk or dancing to a favorite song. Changing your physical state in order to shift your emotional state can work quickly, and allow you to get grounded and see through clearer eyes.

2. Connect

Once you’ve broken your spiral of overwhelm, you’re ready to drop into your own wisdom. Take some deep breaths and imagine connecting to the Brilliant You that you are. Then ask yourself, “What is the highest expression of my brilliance now, in THIS moment?” Stop and listen to what your intuition has to show you or tell you.

Connect to your dreams and vision and remember WHY they are important to you. You want to connect to it not just intellectually. Connecting to your WHY on an emotional and visceral level and let that energy helps move you forward.

3. Braindump Everything

Feeling overwhelmed is often caused by mental gridlock. There are so many thoughts and ideas whizzing through our brain that we get stuck knowing what to do next. You hear the Visionary voice, getting interrupted by the Critic, who then drowns out your Executor voice.

Every voice is of service and brings something to the table. To break the gridlock, do a brain dump of all the thoughts and ideas you are having and write them on individual sticky notes. You can then group like thoughts and ideas together. This exercise will help you to listen to the voices, but in the order in which they need to be heard, so you can avoid the mental gridlock.

4. Choose Your Leverage Point

Once you’ve detangled your traffic jam in your consciousness, you’ll be able to look at things with more objectivity and clarity. Now it’s time to identify where your best leverage point it. Consider how you can best leverage your time, energy and focus to get the maximum impact.

5. Take Inspired Action Immediately

Now that you’ve identified your best leverage point, it’s time to take action. But not just any action. You want to take inspired action. Decide on ONE inspired action you could take immediately. Choose it and do it right away. Don’t defer it and let procrastination or distraction slip in the side door again. Remember, consistent small steps are far more powerful than the inconsistent big steps.

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