There is a lot of literature about Asian flush on the internet, but not enough about Asian flush prevention. The purpose of this article is to provide a few tips and tricks that can help you overcome your annoying alcohol related disorders.

If you are like me and you suffer from Asian flush you will already be fully aware of how frustrating and annoying this alcohol related disorder can be. The simple luxuries of enjoying a quiet drink with family or friends, drinking at a college house party, a glass of wine during a dinner date, or office drinks on a friday night, are all transformed into embarrassing episodes where you constantly find yourself feeling self-conscious about your Asian flush reaction.

Here are some tried and tested Asian flush prevention methods used by suffers that have proven to reduce the severity of the annoying alcohol related reaction.

Asian Flush Prevention Tip #1: Drink slowly. Remember, the reaction you experience after drinking alcohol is caused by a toxic byproduct of the alcohol metabolism process. This means that when your body tries to break down the alcohol you put into your body it is leaving behind a toxic substance that is causing your body to react like it does. The quicker you drink, the more of this toxic substance is released, and the more severe your reaction will be. The key is to take note of how many drinks it takes you to start to experience your red face, headache, itching, etc. Then drink slowly up to that point and then wait 10 or 20 minutes before drinking more.

Asian Flush Prevention Tip #2: Know your alcohol. Some alcohol will cause a more severe reaction than others. This also seems to vary from person to person, so it is very important to know which type of alcohol works best for you. Many varieties of white wine have been proven to be a good choice for Asian flush suffers, with beer and some cocktails proving to be some of the worst choices.

Asian Flush Prevention Tip #3: Don't mix your drinks. Stick to one type of alcohol that you know works for you and don't drink anything else on top of that. We all know that mixing drinks can have a more intoxicating effect on the drinker, and as Asian flush sufferers we are essentially trying to make the job easier for our bodies to break down the alcohol we ingest. So, stick to one type of drink that you know is less likely to provoke your reaction.

Asian Flush Prevention Tip #4: For females it is often recommended by sufferers to wear a makeup with a slight green shade, especially around the areas most prone to the red flushing reaction caused by the Asian glow.

Asian Flush Prevention Tip #5: All of the above tips will help you reduce the severity of your Asian flush but will not totally eliminate it. For those who are looking to really eliminate their Asian flush reaction there are step-by-step formulas available on the internet that provide you with all the knowledge required to know exactly how to prevent your Asian flush reaction from occurring every time you drink alcohol. Luckily these formulas are 100% guaranteed so there is very little risk in trying them to see if they work for you.

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