I am a Mechanical Engineer by profession and currently working in a multi-national company. I know the level of mental stress we get while working for a company.

Every day, tons of tasks assigned by your boss and mental tiredness while managing your juniors and co-workers is too hectic. When I return home, my head is about to burst like firecrackers.

While working in a company, people usually get mental loads and mental stress, but we can’t leave the company. Because we have to survive and feed our family.

So, alternatively, we should look for some alternatives to put on and feel relax. I found 5 ways to get rid of mental steps loaded in the office.

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These are 5 methods to release mental stress quickly

1- Take a bath

Whenever you left the office, just head over to the bathroom and take a cool shower. Just sit below the shower and let water drops hit your head. It’s scientifically proven that taking a shower can help you releasing mental stress. So, the first step, I recommend is- get a cool shower as soon as you reach home.

2- Drink plenty of water

Mental stress and headache are generally temporary. Plenty of water can help you lower the intensity of headache. Though, you can eat chewing gum after drinking water. It helps a lot with mental pain. Even cooking also helps a lot in getting rid of mental pain. Go to your kitchen, take a utensil and cook your favorite dish yourself.

3- Watch your favorite movie

Your favorite movie or movie scene can help a lot to get rid of mental tiredness. I recommend you go out to the movies with your family. But, if you have a short span of time, you can watch it on your TV also.

I am using Amazon Fire TV Stick to watching movies and tv shows. There are many apps and Kodi addons which provide on-demand movies without downloading it offline. You can pick a comedy movie and watch it along with your family.

4- Explore adventurous places

At the weekend, visit the new places near your location. Although, if you get a long leave ( I know it’s hard) explore the new adventurous places. It helps a lot in getting rid of mental pressure. Prefer to visit quiet places rather than crowded ones.

5- Meditate

Meditation is one of the best methods to drop the mental pressure. Every morning tries to give you 10 to 15 minutes in meditation. After that, you can have your breakfast and leave for the office.

Author's Bio: 

My name is Bablu Yadav from India. I am a Mechanical Engineer by profession, but a social worker by heart. I am helping poor children and encouraging them to study in rural areas.
I am also a blogger and writing on social issues and day to day life.