It’s still a very uncertain time as the COVID-19 pandemic continues and numbers are constantly fluctuating. Many business owners are taking safe measures by pushing the returning to office date all the way into 2021. This means working remotely will continue to be a trend we see throughout the rest of the year. 

 By now, you’ve probably figured out how to work from home or remotely productively, but it may be time for some new strategies to avoid feeling bored or trapped. If you’re coming across the mental fight of how to spend free time and how much of that time should be for productivity, this blog came to you at the perfect time. If you’re reading this because you have become a part of the cycle of stagnant, even better.

Let’s dive into the 5 ways entrepreneurs can avoid stagnant productivity while working remotely. First off, it’s important to start by acknowledging what it is that is causing your productivity to become stagnant. Here are a few signs to determine whether or not you’re experiencing the cycle of stagnant:

- You feel unmotivated and uninspired (even when you try hard to find inspiration/motivation)
- You’re slowly starting to avoid responsibilities
- You find yourself constantly procrastinating
- You don’t feel like doing anything but mindless activities and distractions that bring easy pleasure
- You have a gut feeling that you aren’t reaching your fullest potential
How to Avoid Stagnant Productivity:
1. Create a consistent schedule to stick to
2. Avoid doing household chores or having easy distractions during your scheduled work hours
3. Set up a comfortable remote office
4. Have a designated accountability partner
5. Know when to log off and check out

Keeping a balance of mindful and mindless work is imperative. You’re working remotely so you are in charge of knowing when it is time to wrap up and give your attention elsewhere.

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