The holiday time can be a joyous time, and at the same time, it can be stressful and chaotic. So here’s some helpful hints to make Thanksgiving the time of remembrance, family and thanks.

1. HAVE SOMEONE ELSE SERVE YOUR THANKSGIVING DINNER. A lot of supermarkets and restaurants offer fully cooked dinners for Thanksgiving. Place the order and simply pick everything up and place it on your table ready to serve. For a personal touch, make a special dish of your own. If you’re extremely busy, considering have dinner at the restaurant and have dessert and coffee at home.

2. INVENTORY CHECK. Check your supply of utensils, serving plates, chairs, tables, dishes, glasses, pots, and pans.

3. MEAL PLANNING. Use a piece of paper to plan your meal from the main dish to appetizers and desserts. Make a list of all ingredients needed. If you use index cards, put one item on each card with a list of ingredients needed for each main dish, dessert, beverages, etc.

4. COOK MEALS AHEAD OF TIME. Freeze your meal, and then on Thanksgiving Day, just defrost, heat and serve. You’ll be able to join in on the festivities without being stuck in the kitchen.

5. EASE THE STRESS. Set the table with your good silverware and lay out your wardrobe for the family the day before.

6. MAKE A LIST OF THE THINGS YOU WANT TO DO. It’s the one day of the year that people take time to be thankful for all that life has to give--health, family, and friends. Some people choose to have a simple moment of silence, a special prayer before dinner, while others prefer to read a Thanksgiving story or poem. Be sure to reference your list as the day progresses so you don’t forget what you need to do.

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Evelyn Gray is CPO-CD® (Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization), a Productivity Expert, Certified Action Coach & Seminar Leader, consultant, trainer, speaker, and author. She uses these powerful set of skills to improve your focus, clarity and productivity level. Learn how to set goals and priorities so you can stay focused on the right things. Her expertise is in working with professionals who have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and individuals who have been disorganized most of their life. She trains and educates people, teaching them easy and simple strategies of not only getting organized but “staying organized.”

Evelyn’s simple “Stop, Drop & Roll” method teaches you how to have a “neat mess” so you can find your paperwork in 30 seconds or less. She “turns your piles into files,” so the only thing you have to lose is your clutter. Evelyn works with the person you already are, so you won't end up with a system you can't keep up with where everything is stored and retrieved at your fingertips.

Evelyn has a 26-page eBook on “How to Stop the Junk Mail,” and another eBook called Let’s Get Organized! Easy, Simple Strategies for Getting (and Staying) Organized for ADD, ADHD, and the Chronically Disorganized.” She’s currently working on another eBook called “The Ultimate Time Management Guide.”

So remember, “If you can’t find it in 30 seconds, it’s in the wrong place.”