In life things happen to us continuously and adapting to all of them properly is not always easy. That is why it is important that you consider how to improve mental health so that you have the necessary tools to get ahead.

The World Health Organization defines mental well-being as a psychological state, in which the individual is aware of their own abilities and can face the normal tensions of life, can work productively and is able to contribute to their community.
In other words: mental well-being is that state that allows us to function in a proper and healthy way.

An Oregon State University research sustains the importance of having good mental health care and provides the following strategies to achieve it.

1. Take care

Although it seems a very trite phrase has a big reason: to enjoy the things of your life, you must first be able to enjoy yourself.

You will not reach a state of well-being if you are not well with yourself if you do not like or are not at peace.


Lack of rest translates directly into an inappropriate mental state. The mind, like the body, needs rest to function.

Find 5 minutes a day to devote to thinking about the things that make you happy.

3.Value what you have

You can have countless goods theoretically prized throughout the world but not value them and therefore not enjoy them.

Instead, you can have a small number of rewarding stimuli but value them greatly and enjoy 100%.
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4. Do new things

Having new activities provides the brain with a much higher level of gratification than doing your daily activities routine.

Start a new professional challenge, make plans related to leisure, think about vital changes, desires or aspirations, you will know what can give you hope. Find it and work on it!

5. Share with others

Keeping things is not healthy. Take time to talk to your closest people about your experiences and listen to theirs.

Invest time in enriching your relationships, because the people around you will be the sustenance of your well-being, who will provide you with greater personal gratification and those who will help you recover an optimal mental state in the moments you can lose it.

6. Express your emotions and concerns

When you are sad, worried or stressed, share those feelings with the people you trust, you will see that it will suit you and your mental state will improve.

7. Exercise

Performing physical exercise promotes the release of endorphins in the brain which promote an optimal mood.
Do not waste time and start following these tips on how to improve mental health.

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