You may feel guilty about eating chocolates but the truth is with the right type and moderate consumption eating chocolates is actually good for your health.  Chocolates are packed with nutrients and minerals that are beneficial for your body and keeping you safe from diseases.

What type of chocolate is healthy?

Dark chocolates are the best choice when it comes to health as they have more cocoa and less sugar. Many chocolate manufacturers add sugars and other additives making their chocolates unhealthy. Sugars and additives are the reasons why other types of chocolates are associates with weight gain, acne, high blood pressure, and diabetes. If we remove additives and reduce sugar content then we can enjoy amazing health benefits from chocolates. Therefore, it is good to consume chocolates with a higher cocoa content and less sugar. Experts says 70% or above cocoa content is the best choice to enjoy the full benefits of chocolates.

Here are 7 top scientifically proven health benefits of dark chocolates.

  1. Weight Loss. Instead of gaining weight you can actually lose weight by eating or drinking dark chocolates. They boost your metabolism making your body to burn fats quickly and help you control your appetite. Eating a small piece of dark chocolate before or after a meal makes you eat less and prevent craving as it makes you feel full.
  2. Protect the Skin. The delicious treat is a potent source of antioxidants which protects the skin against the harmful effects of the sun and polluted air around us. They moisturize the skin and prevent skin dryness and wrinkles by repairing cell damaged caused by too much exposure of the sun and polluted air making the skin look radiant and young.
  3. Prevent Heart Disease. Studies have shown that eating dark chocolates on daily basis lowers the risk of developing heart disease and stroke. This is because the snack lowers cholesterol levels in the body which is the primary cause of heart disease and stroke. Dark chocolates regulate blood flow and prevent narrowing of blood vessels caused by build-up of cholesterols in the arteries.
  4. Reduce the Risk of Developing Diabetes. Eating chocolates doesn’t sound the best way to prevent diabetes but researchers have found that dark chocolates improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin which is essential in preventing the disease. Furthermore, the snack promotes weight loss and regulates blood pressure which is important in managing diabetes.
  5. Improve Physical Performance. Having a high-cocoa chocolate everyday increases your energy and keeps you active throughout the day. The bioactive compounds in dark chocolate burn your stored fats allowing you to use them as energy, improve blood flow, and send oxygen to your muscles at a faster rate which increase your physical performance.
  6. Good for The Brain. Scientists suggest that drinking two cups of dark chocolate a day is healthy for the brain and reduce the risk of memory decline diseases in older adults. The chocolate improves blood flow in the brain which enhances cognitive function and memory skills. It has been found to help delayed the symptoms of age-related memory decline diseases like Alzheimer’s as it reduces and prevents damage to the nerve pathways of the brain.
  7. Boost Your Mood. Chocolates is often associated to happiness. This is because they contain nutrients that stimulate chemicals in the brain responsible for the pleasure and reward system of the body. They release endorphins which creates the feeling of pleasure, serotonin which is an antidepressant that improves your mood, and phenylethylamine which makes you feel in love.
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