1. Decide That It Will Be So.

You have bought into the lie about all the struggle that you must experience first before you are allowed to experience wealth in its fullness.  You have sought to follow rules and you have decided that you are not yet good enough to be wealthy and so you have put blocks in your path.  Because you will always and ONLY ever get what you believe to be true so if you want a new experience of life, you will have to create it first by making a decision.

A decision that you are NOW ready to turn on the switch.

And in every ‘NOW’ moment, you have to make a new decision until your physical reality reflects your internal reality.  Make it real inside first by affirming it, replacing any thoughts counter to it and continuing to do this until it is real.

2. Act As Though It Is Real

You may think that because you have made a decision to turn on the switch that you can now take no action but no, honey, you now choose to act as though you are experiencing the physical reality of your internal decision.  What would you do when you have reached what you think is ‘abundant wealth’?  Do that now…

What work would you be consumed with?  As humans, as spiritual beings, there is always work to be done – we always have to be creating something.  It is not a soul-draining work that makes you feel a permanent sense of lack and being on the wrong path.  Oh no!  It is work that your soul, your spirit longs to do.

What is that work?

Maybe right now, you do not completely know what it is but you can even now start to create space for that work.  Create space to BE the person you can see in your mind’s eye.

I see you with big ideas about speaking to lots of people, writing books, songs, creating products, selling your experience and skills and you think you cannot do it yet.  I say, create space to begin now.  Shuffle life around until there is room for the life you see in your mind’s eye.

Take action.

3. There Are Foundational Rules

People around you have taken the time to distil out some of the common routes to success and to abundance and you can tap into those teachings.  You will ultimately find your own path but why reinvent the wheel when you can easily build on the foundations others who have been led by their own internal drives, have created to smooth the path for you.

Learn the foundations of marketing – Learn how to grow that audience, learn how to invite them to buy from you, learn these tricks, tips, strategies and then give it life by not sticking rigidly to the rule book but by choosing to experiment in the space you have created in your life for this abundance to flourish.

4. Do Not Be Driven By Need, Be Driven By Desire

Allow yourself to believe that your life could feel good all the time.  And again act from that.  It can feel hard to do it when you feel desperate to get a result, you feel desperate for things to change.  You feel desperate for money to flow but when you feel that desperation, take a step back.

Breathe, tap back into the big vision, tap back into a feeling of abundance, tap back into your source and let desire swell within you.  Desire for a great experience of life for you, yours and for everyone you feel called to impact.  And as that desire swells within you, ask yourself “What is my next step?”  Let your inner wisdom speak out and then take action, driven by desire to see your dreams come to pass, to see the visions in your heart become a physical reality in this lifetime.

5. Control Who Has Access To You

You may be willingly giving of yourself to the people you feel called to serve but that does not mean that anyone and everyone can speak into your life and be listened to.  Most people, norms, are still working out their stuff, working out their own internal nonsense and sometimes, it spews out on you when they see you living the life they think they ‘should’ have without the work.

You do not have to listen.

And some will try to protect you from the work because they care for you and they, once upon a time, tried to live it out themselves and they found the emotional intensity of the work too hard – there were too many blocks to overcome and they ceased.  They want to protect you from that intensity but by doing that, they deprive you of your right to abundant wealth.  Do not let them.  They mean well but still do not let them.  Stay on the narrow path and surround yourself with people who choose to walk the path as well.

6.  Control What You Allow To Infect Your Mind

The work you do to turn on the switch to abundant wealth, is not considered ‘normal’ by the vast majority of norms around you and so the TV programs, the radio stations, the MEDIA generally is designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator.  It is designed to keep the norms down, to keep them entertained and you need to break free of that.

It will feel hard.  You, at times, will wonder if you are slightly deluded because now you are listening to your internal urges and they are strong, they want so much more than you thought you were allowed to have and the entertainment has kept you down, kept you satisfied with less, kept you in a state of complacency and passivity.  But now, the call is to be deliberate and yes, at times, it will feel tough and with less things to entertain you, you will actually have to deal with the internal nonsense.  Will you?

Is turning on the switch to abundant wealth and impact enough of a driver to you?

I hope so!

7. Trust!

Trust the process.  You will be tempted to step off the narrow path and step back into ‘normness’.  Don’t do it.  Everytime, you do it, you turn off the switch.  If you could see what I see, you would know that you are turning off the flow just as it is about to reach you and then it is harder for you to trust the next time because you think that nothing happened yet.

Oh, it happened!  It just had to get past a lot of your internal obstacles to get to you.

Create channels for wealth to flow to you…

Start doing it now…

Make it easy and stop stepping off the path.

Turn the switch on and leave it on.  Keep affirming it and keep doing the work.

Put the blinkers on and keep moving forward.  One day, you will look up and realise that everything has changed.  One day, you will say “It is easy now.” – Stay until that day.  It will come sooner than you realise.

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