Whilst there is certainly more to life than money, neglecting to pay attention to it's importance will soon catch up with you. Some people say "Money isn't important" " I don't care about money"
and such like, well I'm pretty sure your supermarket care about your money, your car dealer, your health care provider and so on. The point is, regardless of your current belief system; money is important, it provides both the necessities and luxuries to
anyone living in a civilized society.

I know for some people talking about money, pensions, how much they earn, investment opportunities and so on seems to be almost a taboo subject. These often stem from beliefs such as 'money is the root of all evil', 'rich people are only rich because they cheated someone' and so on. These are all very negative attitudes towards something that is essentially very positive.

Think of all the things money allows you to do: travel around the world, spend time with friends, drive new cars, follow the latest clothing fashions, look after your family and so on...

These are all very enjoyable things so why not allow yourself to focus on, think about and talk about money. Here are a few ways in which you can actively attract and bring more money into your life.

1) Give away money! Try to give away 10% of your income to causes that you feel an affinity with. Doing so produces the feeling now that there is already enough to giveaway and strengthens the belief that money is coming to you, thus through the 'law of attraction' will draw money back to you. In short:

"Be the source in the life of others of that which you'd like in your own life" - Neale Donald Walsche

Don't giveaway reluctantly as this sends out the signal of 'lack' which of course will attract that very thing.

2) Align your intentions and beliefs. These sound similar but are very different. Your intentions are conscious and are what you choose to do in your mind, whereas your beliefs are unconscious and include the sorts of phrases such as "money is the root
of all evil" as mentioned before.

Bob Proctor suggests the following affirmations as excellent beliefs to adopt:

"Money is good"
"I am the master, money is the servant'
"I am prosperous"
"I am wealthy"

3) Find a role model to copy. There are many people who are successful in this world, make it your business to find out specifically about the people who have been successful in your chosen field of endeavor, then copy their thoughts and actions, that is a certain shortcut to success. Autobiographies are a great starting point.

4) Don't feel bad about creating money. It is not bad to be rich. think of all the positive things you can do with it. Think of the people and causes that you can help when you have more money. In fact, adopt a cause and make it a goal to share your financial success with this cause. This enables you to feel positive and good about making money whilst also helping others, A win, win situation.

5) Surround yourself with positive and vibrant people. People tend to become like the people they associate with so take a look around at your associates now. Do you see any of their positive or negative beliefs reflected in you?

6) Be grateful and appreciative for what you have in your life. Make a time in your day to just be thankful for what you have now. This feeling of thankfulness is the feeling of having it now, doing this will in turn attract more of the things that you are thankful for to you, and give you a much brighter mood at the same time.

7) Act now! Very few people get rich by doing nothing. Take action. If you get and idea then act on it. Don't sit around and wait for someone else to take your idea off of you and make money from it. Whatever you need to do, do it now, without a moments hesitation.

Following the above principles will inevitably lead you to an inner expectation of money, which will be self-fulfilling. Go ahead and decide to lead a prosperous life, it's your choice.

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