Chronic Prostatitis can be treated with many methods, such as chemical medicine, mainly antibiotics, or herbal medicine the Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which has no side effects. In daily life, there are also many self-therapies that are simple and costless, which are worth trying.

1. Take warm water bath

A warm bath can relieve tension between the muscles and the prostate gland, and can relieve symptoms in patients with prostatitis. A regular warm bath is definitely beneficial to men with prostate problems. If you use a warm bath for your perineum once or twice a day, you will also gain good results.

2. Stay away from coffee, spicy food, and alcohol

Having too many stimulating foods can irritate the prostate gland, leading to prostatitis. Although the impact of stimulating foods on man's health varies from person to person, it is better to avoid excessive consumption of these food for the sake of health.

3. Relax yourself

The life stress may increase the chance of prostate enlargement, and clinical evidence shows that when the life stress is reduced, prostate symptoms will usually relieved.

4. Prevent the coldness

Don't sit on the stone or cold chair for too long, because the coldness can enhance sympathetic nervous excitement, leading to increased pressure in the urethra and causing urine reflux.

5. Try not to be sedentary

Avoid playing games, playing poker and watching TV for a long time due to the long-term sitting. Workers in the office or long-distance bus drivers as well as passengers should pay attention to getting up every once in a while to stretch their legs.

6. Drink more water

Drinking more water means more urine. High-concentration urine will produce some stimulation to the prostate gland, and long-term adverse stimulation is harmful to the prostate gland. Drinking more water can not only dilute the blood, but also effectively dilute the urine concentration. And don't hold urine. Once the bladder is full, then you need to urinate, and holding it back is not good for the bladder and prostate, leading to prostatitis. For example, before taking the coach, you should firstly empty the urine and then take the bus.

7. Control the sexual life.

Frequent sex can leave the prostate gland permanently congested, while excessive abstinence can cause fullness and discomfort in the prostate gland, which is also bad for the prostate health. So try to keep your sexual life balanced. Clinically, regular sexual life can relieve prostate problems, and the more effective way to empty the prostate gland is to have regular sex. Many middle-aged couples often lose sexual life slowly, which is not good for the prostate health.

8. Keep yourself clean

Men secrete more sweat, coupled with poor ventilation in the private parts, which will be easy to stock up on filth and dirt. Local bacteria often take advantage of the void, so it will lead to prostatitis, prostatic hypertrophy and sexual function decline. Therefore, it is needed to wash your body regularly, especially before the sexual life.

Self-therapy is about the development of good living habits. So keep on these things and you will be healthier.

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