Hello, now it is January 1 of 2008 and this is an especially auspicious year! I believe this year will find more people
tuning in to their own inner voices, their angels, spirit guides, and ancestors. The Internet will be stronger than ever. Spirituality is on the rise and many lightworkers are
healing in higher dimensions. There is a movement to return to the core of Mother Earth and her ley lines and to Father God in
the very core of the sun as Source.

Many lightworkers will find themselves stronger and more willing to work with others for a renewed and cleansed ecosystem that will nurture and support our billions of people. We are approaching a deadline regarding the health or destruction of our planet. The awareness of millions of people is being awakened to the future of our children, grandchildren, and beyond from the generations that will follow after us.

We today are responsible for improving all life forms so the world can be saved from extinction. No longer can we bury our heads in the sand and say "So what, this does nconcern me!" The movement among spiritual people who are all around this universe points to our concern for the future growth and cleansing of life as we know it.

The use of computers and the Internet have enabled us to rapidly connect with like minded people in all different countries regarding these massive problems that must be considered now so action will be taken to better the lives of all people. There is a concerted effort to find ways and means of improving life and stopping the mass destruction that is so much a part of our lives.

In my lifetime I have lived through many wars and seen death all around us and now this pattern is continuing with pollution on all fronts. Life of all kinds is being destroyed by mass disregard of future life and health and the pursuit of happiness. We are now rallying to change these negative patterns to positive energy by using our innate abilities as healers to restore Mother Earth in every way possible.

It is up to each and every one of us to "go forth and teach all men" the ways of truth, growth, healthy life patterns, joy of living on a free planet earth; free from all pollution, free from mass destruction, free from wars and rumors of war, and free from the tremendous negativity that is perpetrated by all types of government today!

We need and love one another throughout this marvelous world we call our homes. We have found each other through the terrific networking systems on so many web sites, through the various groups we join to get to know other nations and peoples, through the strong friendships of like minded people no matter where we live. Because of the Internet, I have met loving people from every country on our planet, joyful to know of others who approach living in such a powerful spiritual manner, growing with each other because of all our differences.

I have friends all over this huge world, people I love and respect and learn from as if I have known them all my life; yet I have never traveled beyond North America. We are blessed to be alive today to be able to contribute to the significant positive changes ahead.

So let us proceed with all haste to work with one another on a worldwide basis for the betterment of each and every life form, for it all depends on us along with the Divine Assistance of our Creator, the vast number of angels, and the company of heaven!

Therefore, I challenge each and every one of you in this entire world to make a difference in a positive manner. After all, we are our brothers' keeper, and what affects one of us affects all of us. There are millions of people now who know they will accept my challenge, for now we will come together in the love of all people.

Rev. Lori Healy-Reed

San Pedro, CA, USA


Author's Bio: 

Ms. Healy is the Owner of Angel Connections by Lori located in San Pedro, California and on the Internet at www.angelconnectionsbylori.com/. "Who's Who in American Business 2000 recognizes business leaders throughout America, particularly individuals who have or are making significant contributions to their professions and/or communities. Linda Adams Executive Director of Pinnacle Publishing said, ``It is our feeling that Ms. Healy warrants this recognition and we would like to take this opportunity to announce this fact.''

Rev. Lori Healy-Reed provides Angel Tarot Readings, Dowsing and Instructions, Mentoring, Mediumship, Energy Clearings, Reiki Healing and Attunements, Arcturus Violet Flame Awakenings, among many other means of assisting Lightworkers on their spiritual path.
Lori was born in Chicago, Il. in 1933 and considers herself fortunate to be part of this renewal of Mother Earth and her people.

Rev. Healy has been psychic all her life and has an extensive educational background. Other organizations of which she is a member are NAFE (National Association of Female Executives), NRTA (National Register of Teachers Association), and AARP.