When one goes seeking employment, it is to seek money to meet their everyday needs. One of these needs includes their health care needs which, outside of their home and car is one of the most expensive needs they will have.

Health insurance is also one of the most expensive products the company will have to pay for which hurts the profit margin. So, how do we get health insurance companies and the business community to work together in a way that benefits both? For afterall, the goal of any business is to grow but, when negative things happen, the growth is hindered.

The word to look at is quality whereas, in the business, is it doing everything it can do to prevent accidents and injuries? Does it encourage it's employees to get yearly exams so that major illness can be prevented? Does the health and human services department try to help their employees find affordable ways to stay healthy?

As for the health insurance companies, are they investigating all their claims and looking for waste, fraud and abuse and holding those health care providers accountable? Are they doing everything they can do to make their health insurance affordable without compromising quality?

If the business works together with the health insurance companies and the health care providers, then the company has a better chance of survival for, indeed, wealth+ health= company longevity. If wealth is to go up then health must improve for, when health decreases, wealth decreases but, when health increases and improves wealth increases and, the company grows due to it's increased profit margin.

Author's Bio: 

I reside in Lynchburg Virginia with my husband John who, 2 weeks before our first anniversary, had a traumatic brain injury. Fortunately, we had health insurance and, my husband worked for the Department of Corrections and they picked up the bill. We are the founders of The Hope Network which provides spiritual support, hope and healing to survivors of trauma and/or crisis.