Is it possible for someone to fear abundance? Who would not want to live the abundant life?

Polarity is a universal law. The law of polarity contends that everything has its polar opposite. The scales of life assures the existence of polar opposites. In conjunction with the Law of Rhythm, everything returns where it begins. Like a pendulum swinging, this is life. Meaning those things that begin with great expectations manifest greatness. Those things that begin with the purpose for serving humanity and the greater good manifest as beacons of light.

Everyone who researches the field of human potential, human development, personal development, religion, some point crosses the concept of a human emotion often called fear. It is comfortable for us to talk about the fear of poverty, however, we ignore our fear of abundance.

The reality is, if you fear poverty, then you fear it's polar opposite--abundance. If you fear poverty you fear wealth and abundance. All these fears congest our lives and we are literally paralyzed.

Fear impacts our expectations. The principle of Expectations is linked to the Law of Mentalism; hence, "so a man thinketh; so he is." The principle of Expectations contends that energy follows thought. If you fear poverty, then somewhere inside, you believe you will live in poverty. Consequently, energy has followed this thought and in due time, your expectation of poverty actualizes.

Now the connection between the fear of poverty and the fear of abundance. Let's just end this debate right now. No one wants to live in poverty. Poverty means you have very limited options, and no assets. When you live in poverty, you struggle and have limited options. Moreover, poverty means your basic needs are at threat, limited, or diminished. Even those who take a vow of poverty for religious or spiritual purposes have there basic needs met.

So why would anyone have a fear of abundance? Some people believe that abundance and wealth would only lead to corruption and destruction of the human spirit. Not one person who is corrupted or on the path of destruction is living the abundant life. NOT ONE. Abundance is not just about material wealth, however, it does not exclude material wealth!

Abundance is about living healthy, vibrant, with purpose, resources, meaningful relationships, and a strong sense of our true self. Material wealth is a manifestation of mental and spiritual wealth that lies within the individual. We should not concern ourselves with the fear that material wealth will corrupt us. Material wealth, including money, will only make you more of what you already are.

Therefore, if you are kind, giving, loving, and creative, you will be even more kind, giving, loving, and creative while enjoying a life of abundance. If you are insecure, selfish, hoarding, and deceitful, you will be even more insecure, selfish, hoarding, and deceitful while living a life of discontent, sadness, and self-destruction.

There is yet another group of people who fear abundance. Some individuals fear abundance because they believe that abundance will require hours and hours of hard work. The principle of Economy of Force or the Principle of Least Resistance contends that this is just not true.

To many of us are spending 16 hour days at working hoping and praying that soon all our "money" troubles will be over and we can retire in the Bahamas when we are 60 years old. Hah! Don't mean to burst anyone's bubble but it just ain't so.

We are not suppose to work hard. What? That's right. We are suppose to work creatively. That's what the human Spirit desires. During times of stillness and quiet, the Universe whispers plans, inventions, and ideas. These witty plans, inventions, and ideas are a part of the creative energies of the Universe waiting for our higher consciousness to receive it.

By stilling the mind in meditation, we discover this knowledge and wisdom. When we act on it. We create wealth. We create freedom. For each of these plans, inventions, ideas are serve a purpose and that purpose in to help humanity in some form. Therefore, it is already a demand for it. There are millions of people wanting it. All you need is the faith and courage to execute.

Your execution will seem effortless when you take the time to meditate and determine how each step should be carried out. Before long, you have tapped into the field of infinite possibilities where anything that is possible is possible. You have opened the flood gates to wealth and success and you are living the abundant life.

Now what is so fearful about that?

While this group would be classified as a fear of success, there are those who have a fear of abundance because they just know they will fail. Again, the Principle of Expectations contends that energy follows thoughts. Therefore, keep thinking it and it will happen. Here's a novel thought. Practice the Law of Detachment. In this law, you go through the process doing all you can while the Universe handle the details.

All you do is what you know how to do. You stay in meditation. Asking the Universe to show you what you should do next. After you have done it. You step back and let the Universe handle the rest. If the Universe says write a book. Learn what you need to learn to write it. Then, write it. You don't worry about "how many copies will I sell or if the audience will like it or maybe it won't sell and I'll have to file bankruptcy."

Simply do what you know how to do. Meditate. Remain detached. Expect the best. Gain wisdom in what you are doing. Take each step expecting the best and the best will come. That's abundance in action.

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Carmellita M. Brown is an Author, Poet, Success Philosopher, Raw Food Vegan Consultant, and Online Instructor. She is the author of the soon to be released book “pH Vitality: The Chemistry and Philosophy of the Raw Food Vegan Diet.” She is the instructor of the Online course entitled: “Abundance Training 101: The Universal Law of Abundance.” This course is available at: She is also the instructor of the online Course entitled “Weight-Loss: Wellness Coaching and Weight-Loss Course.” This course is available at