Rate the state of your business over the past 12 months.

Rating System N/A= Not Available 1 = disaster 3= average 5 = brilliantly successful

_________ Business Plan/Written Goals
_________ Business Tracking System
_________ Daily Game Plan
_________ Business Plan Effectiveness
_________ Attracting Your Ideal Clients
_________ Exit Strategy
_________ Marketing Plan Effectiveness
_________ Marketing Skills
_________ Selling Skills
_________ Sales System
_________ Branding/Identity
_________ Distinct Competitive Edge _________ Elevator Speech That Works
_________ Expert Status in Your Industry
_________ Customer Retention/Loyalty
_________ Advertising/PR Efforts
_________ Networking & Follow-up Process
_________ Profitability/Cash Flow
_________ Pricing Process/Marketing Funnel
_________ Availability of Capital
_________ Delivery of Products/Services
_________ Speaking Engagements
_________ Presentation Skills
_________ Product Knowledge
_________ Products/Intellectual Property
_________ Budgets & Reporting Processes
_________ New Services/Products
_________ Technology/CMS
_________ Internet Presence
_________ Ongoing Internet Marketing
_________ Controls/Procedures
_________ Contracts, Legal Advice
_________ Administration Functions
_________ Strategic Alliances
_________ Teamwork/Leadership
_________ Hiring Process/Manual
_________ Employee/Consultant Retention
_________ Business & Health Insurance
_________ Training, Cross-training
_________ Office Organization
_________ Computer Organization
_________ Your Professional Development
_________ Your Personal Development
_________ Personal Organization
_________ Work/life Fulfillment/Balance
_________ Setting Life Priorities & Goals
_________ Personal Health/Having Fun

Scoring: Since you must consider all the above in your successful business/unit, it's not the total number that counts; it's how well you do in each area!

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