Christmas is the time of celebration. And that celebration is depicted in the decoration of your house also. Christmas garlands are one of the important items of decoration during the time of celebration. These garlands can be used anywhere. Be that on Christmas trees, stairs of your house or railings of your balcony.

The Christmas garlands come in various styles, colors and textures. Only you need to choose the right one that you prefer. The materials in which Christmas garlands are produced include:
a) Tinsel
b) Plastic
c) Wood
d) Beads
e) Glass
f) Crystal

Those of you who do not want tinsel and want something more creative, they can go for plastic or wood garlands. If you prefer beads, then these varieties are also available in many shops in the market. To add your personal touch to the Christmas garlands, choose the glass garlands. If you want to add style and glamour and also love to show off then crystal garlands should be the obvious choice.

Those of you who are creative they can try and make their own Christmas garlands. For example you can make an edible Christmas garland by stringing berries and making a garland. Popcorn or candies can also be made into garlands and used for decorating the Christmas tree. These not only look lovely they also are attractive to kids. After all its food in the tree! If you want your Christmas garlands to be the targets of those with a sweet tooth, then make the garlands with lollipops, chocolate coins, sugar candies and goodies like these. However, there are chances that your garland will become bare after some time. Creativity knows no limit while you are making Christmas garlands. You can set wax figurines, nutcracker dolls or angel figures in such a way that they create a virtual garland. This ‘virtual’ garland would look more interesting provided you use figures of various sizes and shapes.

Draping the Christmas garlands:

It is not necessary that the Christmas garlands should be only draped on the Christmas trees. You can drape it anywhere you feel like. You can put a pine bough garland on your fireplace for getting the feel of Christmas. If you want to add more colors then add red ribbons or blue, silver or white braided ribbons. However, other than pine you can also use mistletoe and rosemary for making a Christmas garland. Rosemary garland is more attractive because of its wonderful scent.

So this Christmas become creative and make your own Christmas tree. And also drape it wherever you feel like.

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