Do you ever look at someone and he or she seems to be a people magnet? People, both men and women, seem to gravitate to him or her. He or she does not seem to do anything special, yet people flock to his or her side, hanging on his or her every word. You feel like a wallflower as you quietly blend into the woodwork wondering, "What does he or she have that I don't?" That answer is simple, he or she has been developing their charisma.

Charisma is a combination of many factors, all of which anyone can attain. Some people just naturally have charisma bubbling all along the surface, easily accessible while others have to dig pretty deep to find theirs. However, it is possible to bring your charisma to the surface and let it start working for you. Become more popular socially. Be better respected at work. All it takes is a little know-how and a little belief that you can do it.

Have a Passionate Nature

Actions speak louder than words. Do not just talk it, DO it. Pursue your life with a passion and zeal that is unmatched. Remove passivity and negativity from your life. It is OK to get excited.

Accept what You can not Change

If there is something that you do not like or that upsets you, assess the situation. Can you do anything about it? Can you control it either directly or indirectly? If not, then move on. Accept the things that you can't change or control.

Control Your Destiny

Take charge of your life. Figure out what you want from life, set your goals and go for it. Pursue your goals with a passion. This is one area of your life that you can control. Stop reacting and start making things happen. Act with positivity and remove all negativity from your life.

Find the Humor

A developed sense of humor is important for your charisma as well as just functioning in society. Humor can also help you keep your sanity in tough situations. If you can look at things from the humorous standpoint, you will be healthier emotionally, but also physically.


The simplest step is often the most difficult for people to attain because it involves confidence. You have to believe in yourself. Believe that you can achieve what you wish to attain. Believe that you can shed your life of the negativity and draw people and success to you. Believe that you are worth the good things.

The base of charisma lies in self-confidence. A person who exudes an air of confidence is more attractive that the person in the corner who has no confidence at all.

When you have confidence, you move in a different way, carry yourself differently, speak differently and thing differently. The thing is that people pick up on that. They are drawn to the person who is strong, secure and confident. They are like moths to a light and you are the light. If you turn this power around and use it to help others attain charisma, you will find that it increases your own. By lifting others you lift yourself.

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