Sure you have heard about mental telepathy and about some gifted persons having telepathic energy and skills. But is it for real and do you believe it? And if indeed so, what do you have to do or possess in order to open or develop your own telepathic skills in telepathy? Here are some simple and easy ways on how to develop telepathy: 1.) Believe that telepathy is very possible. Keep an open mind at the very least as to whether or not it is quite likely or possible for anybody to have telepathic abilities. And if you really believe that it is really not possible, your mind would conspire with you and agree with you to make sure that indeed, you’re right.

(Unless your thoughts are feeling truly evil of course, in whatever case, it would set out to disprove you!) 2.) Practice a little and often-- it is very advisable especially when you are about to start, it is quite a strain on your brains so just keep your practice sessions short. Also, make sure your energy levels are high enough before you begin—there are some exercises that would help and assist with this. 3.) You could do it on you own-- there are countless ways out there that you could practice telepathy on your own. There is actually easily available downloads for telepathy which you could get hold of that would facilitate you to use and improvise mind reading on your own.

Or, you could also shuffle a deck of cards and deal them out face down and then you can use your new found skills to find out or determine which card it is. 4.) Or you could find a practice partner. Having a partner in telepathic exercise has some disadvantages that could help and assist you in several ways, which include the encouragement and inspiration that is very vital in the early stages. If you know someone comfortable to you and who also wants to become telepathic, that’s nice. If not, have an online search for telepathy forum and you can team up with someone online there.

In everything, the more you practice, the better you will get. 5.) Try and learn how to relax. Let’s admit it—you have probably done this before. The harder you try the more difficult the task or work becomes and the more frustrated and disappointed you get. Oftentimes when we get to learn something new, we try too hard. Relax—allow it to be okay that there are times you realize that you are not as good as you like to be especially when you are just starting telepathy. You might also want to check out the Sedona method if you need more help on letting go and relaxing.

You will be chilled immediately with this method. 6.) You can get some ESP test cards. You can actually order these things online. You can check out at Amazon, so nothing to worry about how to find ESP cards. You can practice with these yo actually help improve your self esteem.

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