There is scientific evidence to demonstrate that there is intelligence in the cells of our body. Cells are also dependent upon energy from the universe to operate properly. When our systems become energetically blocked by negative energy, stress, or other means, our cells can lose their intelligence and begin to malfunction. Left uncorrected, the result can be serious mental or physical illness.

An energy blockage gains strength over time because there is a root CAUSE responsible for storing each energy blockage. Some healing techniques release the CAUSE and some do not. If the CAUSE is not released, the symptoms generally return.

This article is intended to bring you to a new energy awareness level. From the free course you should be able to apply the principles to release the cause of distress and promote a lasting solution in yourself or others. Welcome to the Divine Love Group Healing Process.

What You Need To Know About Healing With Energy

We will confine healing discussions to three topics.

1) Energy Healing

Legitimate Energy Healers attempt to remove blocked energy so that the human body functions correctly. Most Energy Healers attribute their energy source to themselves, Chi, Reiki. Ki, Prana, Love, or Universal Life Force, depending upon their training or beliefs. Most of these healing methods produce results, but do not necessarily produce complete or lasting results, unless the underlying CAUSE of illness is also released.

Physical therapists and psychotherapists have great success releasing emotional blockages with simple affirmations and techniques to distract the mind from blocking change. These methods are not generally conducive to correction of advanced major diseases.

Energy Healers usually use their own body energy, an energy booster, or tap into whatever energy source they use to transfer that energy to a Recipient (person helped). Sometimes however, an Energy Healer cannot process energy at the levels, or in the amounts, needed to affect a diseased Recipient (person helped).

2) Spiritual Healing

There are many approaches to Spiritual Healing; in one-on-one situations, most Spiritual Healing techniques work, provided that the Recipient has a basic spiritual belief in the Creator and is willing to receive the Creator’s love energy.

In 2008, about 95% of the world’s people believe in a higher power: a Supreme Being, God, Allah, Great Spirit, or other name for the unseen Creator of the universe. I call Him the “Creator” in our work to encourage people of many beliefs to participate without violating their core religious beliefs.

3) Findings

In our healing workshops we wanted folks to understand WHAT the healing energy was and how best to experience it. This was a big undertaking because folks were wary of things they did not understand. An ongoing research program was started in 1979 to scientifically define what was REAL and correlate that reality to Energy Healing and Spiritual Healing. As research progressed, additional discoveries were made and later interwoven into our website content. See www.worldserviceinstitute.org for details.

All Love Energy Is Not Equal

In the beginning of my Energy Healing work, scientifically developed transducers were used to focus and boost the energy available to a Recipient (person seeking help). A simple healing ceremony was used to have the Recipient focus on the cause of his/her distress and to release it. The methods developed worked and were taught to physicians and health care professionals for ten years. The results were phenomenal because we were able to help many people improve their health.

Although a “loving” intention was used, results were not all the same. Some people recovered rapidly, some slowly and a few not at all. In some cases the healing stopped short of the intended goal. A “loving intention” was found to be insufficient because vast differences existed in Recipient definitions of “love” - thus some healings were incomplete because of limited beliefs.

The logical step was to remove Recipient resistance to “personal love energy” or “personal spiritual love” from the process. The Divine Love of the Creator was used instead. The energy of Divine Love produced such dramatic results that transducers were no longer needed to boost energy. This was my personal transition from Energy Healing to Spiritual Healing.

The Role of Intentions

Recipient’s sometimes experienced instantaneous “miraculous” healings when our Spiritual Healing methods were rigorously followed. Six intentions were tested and integrated into a combination prayer and affirmation called the Petition; and it became the basis of the Divine Love Group Healing Process (DLGHP).

Once students learned the DLGHP they could produce results. This changed their reality. Some of the early results were labeled as “miracle healings” until students understood what and how things worked. Then, student healing results were described as normal expectations. Please remember though - it is the Creator who does the healing - not those facilitating the ceremony. And once we all grasp the significance of Divine Love, we come to realize that there really are no “healers”; we are all “facilitators” of the Creator’s Will.

If all those serving mankind -whatever their discipline and background - were to include Divine Love in all they do, the results would be astonishing.

The DLGHP Course

Key information has been put together in a self-help course book that you can download at no cost from:

Course Principle: Studies revealed how many people were needed to conduct a Group healing on someone. In the simplest case there is only the Recipient. A minimum Group contains two or more people, one of whom is the Recipient. With the right number of people in a Group, complex and lasting healings can be realized using the DLGHP.

Why Now?

The DLGHP principles were taught exclusively in workshops for many years without a course book; thousands of people are already trained and using it. A decision was made to expand teaching world-wide via internet because the human need for healing help is growing very rapidly. The course has been released on the internet for three reasons:

1) DLGHP produces powerful results and demonstrates that there is a Spiritual Creator of the universe who responds to our requests.

2) There are insufficient traditional resources in every facet of life to serve the growing number of human problems.

3) People can influence their own wellness and become proactive partners for personal health and well being by helping themselves and others in a Group environment.

The DLGHP enables you to help yourself. Should you not get the desired results, form a Group, add the suggested number of people, and try again. Please be sure to read the DLGHP course thoroughly before you use it so that you get the best results.

Let us know of your successes with the DLGHP. Please contact me by email at: healinghelp@worldserviceinstitute.org if you have comments, questions or need help.

Author's Bio: 

Robert G. Fritchie: Is a leading-edge expert in healing; author of two healing books; lecturer and energy scientist for 29 years. Director of World Service Institute a non-profit teaching company that teaches the public about Understanding and Applying Divine Love. See: www.worldserviceinstitute.org for more information.