In today's world, where everybody is getting conscious about looking good, it has become all the more necessary to keep oneself in shape. Many argue diet- or weight loss programs offering fast weight loss to be questionable and consider them "too good to be true". While this is true with most diet pills and magic weight loss formulas, research shows that loosing weight fast is an important part of long lasting weight loss.

Most scientists agree the most important factor for lasting weight loss is a change of lifestyle. This change may sound like a walk in the park, but don’t be so easily fooled, old habits are hard to get rid of.

Many aspects of the lifestyle contribute to a person’s overweight. Changing just one, or a few, won’t be enough. More often than not, you need a complete change in lifestyle.

The most important reasons for overweight are;

Your diet

What you eat is, of course, the single most important factor when gaining weight. If you eat more than you spend, you will gain weight. Some people can eat more and fattier foods than others, it’s in the genes. Focusing on eating food with less fat, more fibers and nutrition as well as fruits and vegetables is a must of you want to loose weight. When you eat is also important. Eating just before bedtime isn’t the best idea while regular meals will help you keep your weight.


Just sitting in front of a desk all day won’t burn much fat. You need to get more active in your daily routine. Just increasing your daily, physical activity the slightest will have a great effect on you and your weight. It is better to exercise lightly and often, than it is to work out hard at the gym twice a year. Any actual exercise is better than the greatest intentions.


Smoking will kill you! It’s as simple as that. In the long run, smoking will cause many diseases, but in the short run it’ll make you fat and lazy. There are reasons you rarely see an athlete smoke, it’s disastrous for you and your health. There are several places online to quit smoking, if you are a habitual smoker – quit today.

ncrease the percentage of raw food in diet

- The number one thing you can do to extend health and vibrant living

is increase raw food. Living food for a living body.

Eat natural unprocessed food

- Eat natural unprocessed whole grain foods and unrefined oils.

- Educate yourself on what is truly natural and what is often a

marketing ploy. Read the ingredients; do not be fooled by labels.

Well there you have it, as an experienced trainer I wouldn’t recommend this type of program to my clients. The weight loss is just too quick and the program would be very hard to maintain owing to the very low caloric intake.

I advise my clients to decrease their calories by just 500 per day (and no more) below their maintenance levels and they will be losing 1 – 2 pounds of body fat every week, safely, without craving and without too much disruption to their lifestyle.

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