If you are alert, aware and awake, you will notice your mistakes when you make them. They contribute to your personal growth. However, if you fail to notice them, you will continue to do the same errors indefinitely.

Here's what you can do when you have made mistakes.


Admit the blunders. Your acceptance will make it easier for you to make the necessary corrective actions. Don’t put the blame on someone or something. Your own actions, decisions and responses have contributed to the results.

Keep your emotions in check.

Keep your cool and stay unruffled. Your emotions will affect your thinking and it is important that you don’t react emotionally.

A different point of view.

Even smart people make mistakes. In fact smart and successful people make more than the rest of us. They know that achievements come from what they do and learn. If they succeed, they repeat their performances. If they err, they try different methods.

Write them down.

Write down what you have learned or acquired from those faults. When you write, you are putting your thoughts on paper and that will help you see and think through things more clearly. It takes effort but you must do it because you cannot trust your memory to correct your errors.

Setting up new disciplines.

Now that you know, you can put things back in order. That includes setting new disciplines like learning and acquiring new knowledge and skills to increase your choices so that you can make the right decisions.

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