How fulfilled we are in our lives often depends on our perspective. If we focus on what is wrong with our health, what is irritating us in our relationships, what’s missing in our career or how many bills we have piling up we will feel dissatisfied. On the other hand if we if we view the glass as “half full” rather than “half empty” we will be thankful for the health we have, be happy with the positive aspects of our relationships, see our current employment as a stepping stone to something greater, and view our bills as an opportunity to keep spreading the wealth and keep others employed.

Being fulfilled gives us a sense of having enough, being enough and feeling okay with what is, even if it is a difficult lesson we are currently going through. Finding fulfillment in all areas of our life means knowing we are right were we are supposed to be. We may not be exactly where we want to be, but if we stop to notice the lessons, growth and opportunities we will then feel the richness of the experience and move forward from there.

If we are doubtful, discouraged or in resistance, we will only create more of this, as like attracts like. By focusing on what is fulfilling us we will take our next steps with ease and trust and manifest abundance and prosperity in our lives.

Bring more fulfillment into your life with these exercises:

• Imagine what you would manifest in your life from a “half empty” perspective. Now imagine what you would manifest in your life from a “half full” perspective. Which one feels more fulfilling? Which perspective do you want to take into 2006 with you?

• Reflect over the past year and your experiences and notice whether you view them from the perspective of what went wrong, what’s missing, what you didn’t like. If so, re-view it again from the perspective of what went well, what lessons you learned, where you grew, how you benefited. Which view inspires you to move forward in a positive direction with your life?

• Notice as you go through the day, the week and the month, what viewpoint you operate from with yourself, others and the world. Try playing with coming from different perspectives to see which ones support you the most in feeling fulfilled.

• To get the ball rolling towards fulfillment, write down a list of all the things you feel good about in your life right now.

• Write down another list of the areas you would like to have more fulfillment in. With each one, write down one step you could take this month that would move you closer to your goals.

• Become aware of what it feels like to be fulfilled. Sit relaxed with your eyes closed and simply feel the energy vibration of fulfillment. To get it started, reflect on something you feel good about in your life and then just focus on the feeling of fulfillment. Let this feeling flow throughout your whole body, down to every cell and the space between the cells. Bring this energy feeling into the rest of your activities throughout your day.

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Gini Grey is a Transformational Coach and author offering unique and powerful sessions, workshops, book and CD which incorporate Spritual Energy Awareness, Energy/Aura Healing & Reading and Co-Active Coaching tools. She is the author of "From Chaos to Calm", "Create What You Want in Your Life" and "Insights & Inspirations". For more info, visit