“Forget 220-age”

A researcher in the early 70's noticed that heart rate increases with age, giving birth to the “220-age” rule. The rule states that you can determine a target heart rate by subtracting your age from 220.

The problem is that this method isn't as accurate as once thought—especially with some drugs like common cold medicines. The accuracy also varies between men and women, and young and old. It requires an electronic monitor too. It requires either math skills or computer entry of your age also. Yuck.

Forget “220-age”. Instead, assign a number from one to 10 that represents your exercise intensity. One is very low...six is strong... and 10 is maximum—you pick the level, not a machine, or a formula.

Research has shown this method to be surprisingly accurate.

It's simple and it works better. What are you waiting for?

Author's Bio: 

Greg is a personal trainer, certified by ACE (American Council On Exercise) since 2005.

He's spent a lifetime collecting knowledge that can benefit you.

To help you lose weight and gain energy, he wrote a book, only available at HowToEnjoyExercise.org/?prid=3