What does your personal energy meter read? On a scale of 1-10, with 10 representing “completely energized” and 1 indicating “It’s a miracle you can get out of bed”, think about what your energy level is right now? Now, think about what your meter reads most of the time? When I ask these questions in my seminars I find that most people are between 4 and 7. I can’t help but wonder why we aren’t all 10’s. Why are we all not exuding boundless energy? Why is our potential energy far greater than our actual energy? Perhaps William James said it best when he said, “Compared to what we ought to be most of us are only half awake. We are only making use of only a small part of our possible mental and physical resources.” Indeed we have so much potential energy, yet, so many of us are not tapping into the energy available to us. If you imagine yourself standing at the gas pump of life you’ll see that during every moment of every day you have a choice between low grade and high grade fuel. From the energy of food to the energy of thoughts you can make choices that energize you or drain you. You can choose energy that allows you to get by and survive or you can choose the power sources that will make you thrive. Einstein said to live a better life we must keep choosing how we are living. So if we want to live a more energetic life we must upgrade our energy. We must stop settling for low grade fuel when we deserve only the best. And we must make better energy choices to energize our busy and demanding lives. While we make hundreds of energy choices every day, and my book talks about making many of these choices, we can increase our energy dramatically and immediately by making the following 3 energy upgrades. Let’s get started.

1. Start fueling your life with high octane “present energy” and limit the amount of “past energy” you put into your system. When we live in the past or think too much about the past we fuel up with an energy source that doesn’t quite fit our current model. Like old sludge, it slows us down and keeps us from operating at peak performance. Like my Mom said, “We can’t see where we are going if we are always looking in the review mirror.” “Present energy”, on the other hand, makes our engine hum and provides for a smooth and enjoyable ride.

2. Replace fear energy with trust energy. Sure you can run on fear energy for a short time, evening winning for much of the race, but eventually fear and stress will cause an engine melt down. Trust is the fuel you need to keep you going through the ride of your life. Trust taps you into the perpetual and infinite source of energy that never runs out and never leaves you stranded. So when faced with challenges and bumps in the road choose the energy of trust instead of fear.

3. Upgrade from Soda to Water. Our bodies are made up of mostly water. Not Diet-coke. Also consider that soda consumption has been linked to obesity, tooth decay, caffeine dependence and weakened bones. Your 100 trillion energy vibrating cells need the best fuel it can get in order to run efficiently and effectively. When you feed your energy cells soda and all the chemicals contained in it, you are in essence polluting your engine. Since we know that dirty fuel equals a dirty engine let’s make the switch to the better fuel source…..water.

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Jon Gordon is a speaker, teacher, and author of "Become an Energy Addict." His simple, proven strategies will help you increase your poistive mental, physical, and emotional energy to create more success in your life and career. Visit www.energyaddict.com for more information and F.R.E.E. energy tips.