As you look back on your life today what would you change? Anything? Everything? Have you lived a passionate adventure or have you been stuck on the birth-school-work-death treadmill?

Many of us have made choices in our lives that have compromised who we are. We do things that are out of integrity from our souls to look good, to make money, to please the boss or out of fear of what the neighbors might think. (That's a funny one because everyone is running around worried about what others think when in reality they're all running around only thinking about themselves. No one's very interested in your life besides you so you may as well do what makes you happy, not what you think will make others happy.)

After 20, 30, 40 or more years of selling ourselves short many of us get resigned to working, complaining, breathing and taking up space until we die. We forget that though the spark of our souls may be buried within us, we still have the power to dig up the junk on top of it and let it run free again.

Each moment is a new opportunity with new choices. You created your life and you have the power to decreate the parts of it that aren't serving you now. You can start by sitting still and listening to your inner voice for a change. This voice is your soul. It's the 5 year old in all of us who remembers what weeks, months and years in a row of freedom and joy felt like. It's our higher selves, God, the Universe or whatever you call the Great Spirit of Mystery that connects all conscious beings.

If you like to chant or sing you can chant or sing for a few minutes before getting still. Somehow this seems to call to our spirits and bring them out of hiding. Then just be still. I mean really still. And just feel the essence of who you are coming forward in the cells of your being. You may see or hear ideas. You may not. Either way, you're making time to listen and feel your spirit. For many of us this siple act is revolutionary.

The reason we end up with lives that feel meaningless, unfulfilled, or without purpose is because we stopped listening to ,and feeling, who we really are. Instead we've built routines of rushing to work, working, coming home to the TV, video games, books, magazines, sports, phone calls, making dinner, etc. All of these outer activities fill our time by distracting us from listening to our spirits. From connecting to our souls. From remembering what inspires us and how to be courageous enough to express it in the world.

You've probably read the infamous poem by Marianne Williamson and attributed to Nelson Mandela that beautifully describes how we must shine our lights brightly. Many of us don't even know what our lights look like after years of ignoring them.

We all know that we weren't put on earth just to make money and raise a family to keep the species going. We all have our own individual callings, but we have to listen to them and choose to be bold and courageous enough to take action based on them.

Fulfilling your spirits desires and expressing your soul is your purpose in life. Everyone is here to serve in some way. What's yours? Get clear on it and make it happen. No one can or will do it for you.

Nomatter how connected or disconnected you feel from your light right now, you can merge deeper with it and express it's unique brightness through how you live your life.

We live in a topsy turvey time where it appears that violence, destruction, selfishness, abuse of power, corruption and fear dominate. They only have power because we allow it. The way to stop allowing it is to start being true to ourselves and to practice love, joy and creation in each moment. There are no victims, only volunteers who give their power away.

You can choose to exit the treadmill of worry, fear, smallness and doubt until death. You can choose to enter your path of listening to your spirit and only taking actions that bring you love, joy and expresion of your soul. You can create your inspired life just have to choose it. For all of our sakes, do it now, won't you?

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