Daily meditation is the single greatest and easiest practice you can do to relax, restore your energy and love yourself. To reconnect to your spirit and experience who you truly are, this is the first step, but it will only take you so far.

Many successful people like Oprah Winfrey, Marianne Williamson and Deepak Chopra swear by it. Why? Because there is wisdom, peace and joy in being present with stillness. In today's world it is almost a radical act to be still, breathe and simply be with yourself without any distractions.

There are many ways to meditate, but here is a simple way to start if you are new to meditation:

- Sit in a quiet space either on a cushion on the floor or in a chair.

- Hold your spine straight, your chin down and imagine a string pulling the top center of your head up to the ceiling.

- Then simply focus on your out breath - your breath is your life source; in one sense it's God's breath breathing you.

- Your shoulders and your jaw are relaxed.

- Your eyes may be open or closed. If they're open, hold an open gaze that is not focused on a particular object.

As your mind races notice the thought and allow it to pass like a cloud. There is othing to do. Just simply be.

That's all you do, but the benefits to your physical and mental health will be tremendous. Unfortunately, those of us who have meditated for over 20 years will tell you, there is a limitation to how far this will take you spiritually.

After 2 or 3 years of meditating there is nowhere to go besides cycling around. Meditation alone leads to calming the mind and blissing out, but not to the spiritual liberation of enlightenment and ascention.

For this you need more advanced techniques in visualization and breathing that focus on your brain and your chakras. These techniques will allow you be awake and aware at any time. To live in a state of grace where your being experiences love, joy and a sense of equanimity at all times.

Chalanda Sai Ma is having one of her master teachers train interested beings in brain illumination techniques which can move you beyond meditation and towards enlightenment.

Here is a description of this from www.humanityinunity.org : "Brain illumination is a simple and very powerful set of techniques used to bring light into the brain in order to create an expanding state of awakened consciousness and enlightenment into our subtle body structures.

Cyclic breathing builds and harnesses prana, and is coupled with universal energy directed by our minds through visualization. These powerful energies are directed into the limbic system of our brain. The limbic system is the portion of our neuro-anatomy that is the seat of consciousness. By becoming charged with prana and Light (the Supramental Light of God), the limbic system becomes electromagnetically and electrochemically stimulated, awakening the consciousness and expanding awareness into higher states of realization."

For more details on how to do this simple yet highly effective practice visit: http://humanityinunity.org/HIU/SaiMa/DailyPractice/BrainIllumination/ind...

Meditation is the first fundamental step of living an inspired life. How can you live your passion before you prctice connecting to your source on a consistent basis? You can't. Get to know your inner self and then you'll begin to experience the expansion of grace in your outer world.

It has been written that when a human body dies it loses 21 grams of weight. This is thought to be the weight of your soul which is your life force. Imagine living 80 to 100 years in this incarnation and never using any of that time to deepen the most primary relationship in your life - your relationship with your spirit.

Lets face it, you came to this life alone and you'll be leaving alone - the rest is a gift. So why not meditate and deepen your relationship with the spirit you'll be taking with you when you leave? Your spirit deserves nothing less!

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