Do you know what high IQ or Intelligent Quotient actually entails? Do you think of it as a definite process that would make you determine that a person is really intelligent? So how do you define having a High IQ yourself? Let's go ahead and discuss High IQ in general so we'll be able to get a deeper understanding on what having it can do to our lives.

High IQ and Intelligence has somewhat a statistical representation where in there is a reciprocal relationship between a couple of given variables. To whatever degree that you are most probably having been on the even average IQ, one would be able to experience cultural influences that are very transparent on most of the tests being conducted. You will actually be able to find practice tests that would give you the ability to get higher scores on other tests, now isn't that amazing?

This statement actually shows that if you are capable of developing your skills by looking into this practice tests then you would have bigger chances of achieving higher scores for the real ones. Since it is transparent that the scores you may get may differ from one test to another, then there actually is a way to manipulate your scores so you will be able to obtain a higher percentage. This makes the statistical relationship of IQ and Intelligence weak and somehow defective.

Some reports have actually given emphasis on IQ being the basis of one's personality. Like for instance if one is said to be very intelligent, it makes the person more prone to certain behaviors that has to deal with some suicidal effects. Or some would say that those who are intelligent would actually have the means to be able to use their IQ to be more productive and financially stable in life. It's like saying the more intelligent you are the more chances that you'll be able to build yourself a good life. Well even if this is actually provides a statistical relationship with those who have low IQ, it's still beyond the doubt that intelligence may cause something like that to happen.

According to certain studies IQ may have a relationship with performing academically but then it mostly is related on one's discipline to do so. The truth is, students that are more disciplined are the one's who get more credit than those who are actually considered to have high-IQ. Although, this doesn't necessarily mean that IQ has an existing relationship with self-discipline. The thing here is that it differs from one's distinguishing feature of his or her personal nature.

Now that you are equipped with this information, you can definitely define intelligence as an important instrument that you can utilize so you will be able to develop your life in a positive way. It is having it practically applied to our daily lives will we able to obtain the benefits that it can provide us. So what you really have to look upon is how to progress as an individual by trying to look into those things that average individuals were able to gain from their own efforts before you bring more than necessary importance to High Intelligence Quotient.

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Vlad Stivenson, author of accurate IQ test