Angelica was a gorgeous 24 year old graduate student who had
asked me this question: "Why don't men know how to talk to

"Why do you say that?" I asked curiously, after all we were
sitting down on couches at the VIP section of a popular
Hollywood night club.

"They either don't know what to say or they're really creepy,"
she continued.

"Continue, this is interesting," I asked with sincere curiosity.

"They try too hard to impress me with their job, car, or in
some other fashion. It's so played out."

"Well," I asked, "What would your ideal man talk about?"

"It's not so much what he talks about," Angelica continued. She
was hot and she knew it, but she was really down to earth, not
as rare a find in Los Angeles if you know where and how to
look, but I digress. "It's important to me that he's comfortable
in his own skin and that he has his own mind. I don't want
a guy agreeing with me just for the sake of agreeing with me.
If he knows how to be natural, unpretentious, and not trying
to get down my pants, then I'll probably hear him out."

"C'mon," I said, "Most men who talk to you just want to get
into your pants. But then there are guys like me who realize
that a pretty face is really common around here. I like to
see what women are made of."

"You see, it's so easy to talk to you!" Angelica exclaimed.

"That's because I'm not trying to get anything from you."

If you want to learn how to talk to women then you should
pay very close attention to the conversation I just had with
Angelica. She gave us all real insight into what women are
looking for when men walk up to them. But there's also a lot
she left out and I'm going to fill in some of that gap.

Most attractive women are attention seekers. They seek validation,
some seek to have their egos strokes, and some of them actually
want to genuinely someone that they feel they can connect with.
It's far easier than you think, but first you have to unlearn
what you have learned (I think I heard that in some movie

The problem most men have when talking to women is that they try
way too hard not to make mistakes. They don't want to say the
wrong thing. They don't want to make a wrong impression. They
fear rejection. They believe that they don't know what to say
when it comes to women. None of this is true. The biggest
thing that gets inbetween men and women talking is what's going
on between your left ear and your right ear.

If you walked up to a little kid and started talking to them
would you be thinking any of these things? What about walking
up to a friend? What about walking up to a 70 year old women?
In your mind you view these things a harmless. You view them
as having equal or less social value than you do, so it's far
easier to approach them and start a conversation. Yet, if you
see a very good-looking woman, your tongue gets tied up and your
mind begins playing tricks on you.

It really is all in your head. Talking to women is as easy as
talking to a kid, your friend, or that nice senior citizen.
Once I stopped buying into some of societies ridiculous beliefs,
such as a really attractive person is better than someone who
is not (who judges this anyway?) or that a stranger can actually
reject you, then I started having less fear and taking more

A simple "hi" or "what's up?" can do wonders. Conversation is
a learned skill. Just like walking, writing, or riding a
bike. This is why any man can learn how to talk to women,
anywhere, anytime, and virtually any place. I picked up my
last girlfriend at a gas station. The one before her I met on
an online dating website. And the one before her I met on the
side walk while walking my older sister's dog. All it took
was breaking the ice, acting natural, and not trying too hard:

"Hey, I think my dog likes you...."

"This is some tight weather, which way to the beach?"

"Hey there, as you're pumping your gas I noticed that there's
a big white bird bomb on the top of your car, you should get
that looked at (she giggles)...."

These openers are based on my personality. I just say what
comes to mind. I know that if I talk to at least 25 women
a week, I'm going to get more conversations going. The more
conversations I get going, the more phone numbers I'm going
to get. The more phone numbers I get, the more dates I'll
go on.

Start practicing those conversation skills with people that
get paid to talk to you. A shopping mall is a perfect spot
for this. You can go into department stores, food courts,
clothing stores for men, and walk up to the associates /
clerks / retail person / etc. and start chatting them up.
Talking to women is only as difficult as you make it. Lastly,
you've got to practice. Make sure you do not invest any
real emotional energy in any approach you make because the
person doesn't know you. So by very definition they cannot
"reject" you because only people that know you and care about
you can reject you.

A stranger can only reject your advances and it's most likely
that they weren't in a good mood anyway. So this should
make it infinitely easier to start talking with more women.
Well, what are you waiting for?

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