One of the most important aspects of your business is your web site marketing. If you think people aren't making a snap judgment on who you are and what you have to offer by looking at your web site you would be surprised!

In the twenty first century your web site is your brochure and much more. If you don’t have an informative catchy and highly appealing web site you might as well go to the back of the class. I’m going to share with you some of the most important web site marketing techniques that I find most people don’t get.

Web Site Marketing Tool #1

Make sure your web site is representing you. The look and feel of the web site should show people right away who you are and what you have to offer. If you are selling something the web site colors and set up should have a look and feel that clearly shows what your site is all about.

I am continually shocked at 75% of the web sites I look at from people claiming to be experts about something. Clearly they are not experts on web site marketing. If you have a web site then take the time to either hire someone or investigate yourself how to set it up so it looks and feels like the success that you yourself are claiming to have. Not only is it imperative that you have a web site but it really needs to express you and your product(s).

This part of your business is more important then your office, your business card and your brochure all put together. I know many people that won’t do business with people they can not check out on the web. In this age where you can get fast and useful information at your finger tips, if your business is not providing that with your web site then you look like you can’t keep up. Would you choose a company that couldn’t keep up?

Web Site Marketing Tool #2

Make sure your presentation of your site is easy to follow. One thing you don’t want is long paragraphs that go on and on. Everything needs to be spaced out and separated. Most people are going to glance through your web site to find what they are looking for. If it isn’t laid out for easy scanning your web site will be skipped altogether.

Make sure you separate each thought. Make bullet points and number sections with headings. All of this makes it easy to read. It won’t look to lengthy if there is plenty of white space between each thought.

Web Site Marketing Tool #3

Be creative. Offer something out of the box. You want people to visit your web site and think oh I have to come back here. What you would offer here would greatly depend on what you’re selling. You want to add value to your visitors so they not only come back but they tell their friends about your site as well. One thing I did was create my own quiz. Since this is something I designed myself it is unique and offers something different, you won’t find this anywhere else.

Web Site Marketing Tool #4

Keep them coming back for more. I am always adding new things to my web site. Experiment with what works and what doesn’t. If you are always adding new and interesting things people will keep coming back. I give free MP3’s away. I add new ones every few weeks, this way people keep coming back for the new ones. You can offer something that is less timing consuming and just add a new one or up dated version every month or so.

Web Site Marketing Tool # 5

Talk to your visitors not at your visitors. It is extremely valuable to build a rapport with your readers. How you do that is by talking to them in the same way you would speak to your friends. Pick one friend and just share. This type of communication when you’re dealing with web sites is key.

Let your personality shine while keeping true to the content of your site. Remember you want to build trust and relationships. Don’t talk down to your visitors, talk to them with them. They way I do this is by imagining I am talking to a friend and then write my page like I am sharing with that particular friend. You want your visitors to get to know you.

Web Site Marketing The Easiest Way

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SBI shows you how to do everything you need to make sure you get visitors to your site. They go far beyond what a normal web hosting site offers. Check out the video that tells you what you get and you’ll be sold like I was.

I wish you all the success and happiness the universe has to offer.

”We’re surrounded by opportunities always. We see them as soon as we begin to look for them. We find them when we ask for them.”…Marc Allen

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