You might be asking yourself if you are capable of getting a high score when it comes to IQ tests and if not, what should you do on your end to be able to obtain a score that's above average. Let's say that your initial score is less than 80, your chances of gaining above average would definitely be a tough one. But with enough review and perseverance you might be included in some who were given the ability to raise their scores. Try to look into these several ways on how you can achieve in getting above average scores in your tests:

First you need to be a very good in taking a test. One should be able to go through a certain test speedily. It would be better if you leave those questions that you are not that sure what the answer is and then go back to them if you still have time. This would prevent you from leaving out other questions just because you are mentally challenged by the difficult ones.

Make sure that you answer all those questions that are being given in tests items that have multiple choice options. If you are not that confident of your answer, try to the process of elimination until you will be able to come up with the closest answer to the question. This will provide you more accuracy in choosing the right answer.

Next is that you should be prepared for a test. You should be able to gain enough sleep and the right nutrition so your mind would be clear from anything that may be distracting as well as eat foods that would speed up your brain accordingly. What you need is more ease and concentration so you will be able to focus on getting the right answers to question from the back of your brain.

Music can help actually, try a background music and try Mozart. Sometimes music is not allowable during the test so for relaxation purposes, you can listen to it before taking the test. There is a certain study that claims after listening to piano music for several minutes the test taker was able to score more points for the exam.

You can also search the web for special software programs that help people improve their score in IQ tests. Such programs as IQ Trainer and Memory Trainer can help, their users often share positive experience with such software.

Lastly, you can give your brain a work out. This activity though may show results after a certain period of time but you would be able to maximize your brains capacity to think by doing this. Don't wait till it's days before the planned date for the test arrives. Train your brain effectively and it will show you results that are beyond your expectations.

Another thing here, if you really are that interested in getting a high score in that test, then try taking tests online to see how far your brain has gone after doing what's mentioned above. And you'll definitely be glad with the results.

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Vlad Stivenson, author of accurate IQ Test and developer of personality quiz.