Hypnotic seduction is a technique used to seduce a person with the use of hypnosis. Ever wondered why some people are able to pick up men or women that they like, even if they don’t have the looks or the money? They might be using hypnotic seduction.

It has been proven time and again that hypnosis does really work; therefore, it is also safe to say that hypnotic seduction is also as effective.

The Basic Principles of Hypnosis

Knowing the basic principles of hypnosis will make it easier to understand how hypnotic seduction works.

Hypnosis works in such a way that it puts a person in a trance-like state, with the use of words or items such as the pendulum. Once in this state, a hypnotized person is now highly susceptible to suggestions.

However, putting a person in such a state is not an easy task. The person to be hypnotized should have the feeling of trust towards you, and should consciously and subconsciously be willing to subject to such experience. Without this, hypnotizing a person will not be possible.

Once in this trance-like state, it is also impossible to suggest to a person ideas that is not innate to him or her. For example, if you suggest a person who is of good moral character to be a thief, the suggestion would most likely just fizzle. This is because you can’t suggest a person to do something that is not natural to him or her.

However, if you suggest that he gives 10% of his salary to the poor every pay day, then it is possible that the person will do it because it is innate to his or her personality to do good things.

To summarize the principles, you can only hypnotize a person who trusts you, and you can only suggest ideas that are already in his or her mind.

Hypnosis And Seduction

Now that you know the basic principles of hypnosis, it is time that we relate it to seduction. It is possible that you can seduce any person you want through hypnosis for as long as you follow the principles.

A good example would be if you meet a person in the library and you want to seduce him or her through hypnosis. The very first course of action that you need to do is to create a warm environment exuding with trust.

You do not want to come on to that person as a threat because if you do, he or she will become guarded; thus, hypnosis won’t work.

Now that you have created your environment of trust, it is time to make the person take interest in you. If you can create just even a small spark of attraction, then you can use hypnotic seduction to strengthen that feeling.

Hypnotic seduction has been proven effective. There are some people who have not been successful with this because they think what they are trying to do is unethical mind control – it is not. You need to abide by the basic principles of hypnosis to be able to effectively use hypnotic seduction.

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