Is there really such a thing as computer addiction? With most of our jobs these days which require the use of computers and anybody can enjoy the internet, can one become really addicted? But how can you differentiate from simply using or enjoying the computer as opposed to becoming full blown addicted? It depends on the purpose and effect on the user. This kind of condition can affect people regardless of age, race and social status. Those who pretend to be somebody else or simply want to conceal their true identity even to themselves are prone to this kind of addiction.

A computer addict creates a mythical world of make believe entirely his own and eventually and unfortunately unable to get back to reality. Way too different from regularly using the computer from your job, isn’t it? Some people who are socially inept are vulnerable to this condition because of the fact that they have difficulty communicating with people within their circle. They find it easier to open up to persons online because of the invisible barrier between them and therefore more expressive. Thus, they can be whoever they are and they can say the things that they want that they don’t normally do.

But not all people who use computer time excessively are anti-socials or outcasts. With easy access to online pastimes becoming less complicated, many people afflicted with this compulsion have embraced an idea where the universe is literally within their fingers—just a single click of a mouse, and voila, the world is theirs to own. Computer addiction sufferers when detached from their units will manifest signs of irritability. One may exhibit the classic ‘withdrawal symptoms’. They avoid friends, family, schooling, jobs and inevitably, their relationships will suffer. All because of the tremendous amount of time they spend on computers. They may be left unaware that things are spiraling out of control, but nevertheless will still continue despite adverse consequences.

If a person suffering from computer addiction is off-line, he often feels the emptiness in him. That person will have to stay up too late and wake up very early just to satisfy that addiction. The time he spent online seems to breeze easily and gradually the person suffering from computer addiction loses control because he is so engulfed with what he’s doing.
Relationships can be destroyed by this type of dependence as the person suffering from this starts to believe that their on line friends are better than the people they met in real life. Even without checking his email within an hour, the person suffering from computer addiction will feel nervous because he has gone too long without a computer.

Furthermore, this person forgets to take pleasure in the company of his real friends because his mind has been too attached on using his laptop. A computer addiction is definitely a damaging addiction. Although this kind of addiction is still not yet widely recognized, the principles and logic of addiction is the same and it should be taken seriously and the help of a professional therapist must be sought.

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