Every goal you aspire to achieve can be broken down into five simple steps.

There is a formula for success that works over and
over and over. The bigger a goal seems, the longer it takes to achieve, the more complicated we can make it and the more likely we are to become distracted.

If you are not making consistent progress, if you are not
succeeding in reaching your goal, break it down into this simple process.

Here is my simple five step Goal Strategy I use to reach my
goals every time:

1) Decide exactly what you want (write it down)

2) Affirm WHY you want it (the bigger the reason the more
internal motivation you are giving yourself) (write them on

3) Define the actions you will need to take to achieve it (on paper)

4) Schedule the actions (in your calendar)

5) Do It! (Follow through and carry out your plan)

It helps if you find images or photos that represent your goal and put them in places you'll see often (bathroom mirror, briefcase, in your car, on your screensaver, on the

If your goal is a long term goal, break it into smaller goals.

Schedule at least one thing to do each day (A Goal A Day). Doing one goal each day will add up and you will create enough momentum to carry you through!

Define your top 10 goals for the year
Define your top 10 goals for the month
Define your top 10 goals for the week

One last thing¦ rewrite your top 10 list weekly, daily if you can.

Before I begin any goal I "plug it in" to this easy five step process. When I do this, I remind myself that even the biggest goal can become simple. You should be able to break down every goal so it can fit on one sheet of paper. If you are struggling with a goal, or have gotten off track, begin anew by doing this exercise.

Live Your Dreams!

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Jill Koenig, the "Goal Guru' is America's Top Goal Strategist. A Best Selling Author, Coach and Motivational Speaker, she is an expert on the subjects of Goal Setting, Time Management and Business Success. She is a Self-Made Millionaire and the host of the Goal Guru Radio Show. Her passion in life is helping you Achieve your Goals and Unleash your untapped potential. Learn Cutting Edge Goal Strategies and get your FREE ebook at http://www.GoalGuru.com