Oftentimes the only obstacle blocking us from receiving of the vast abundance God has for us is accepting our ‘value and worth.’

Many have been led to deny their story, by hearing ‘keep your business to yourself’, or similar phrases. Or perhaps you discounted your feelings because you heard, ‘things aren’t that bad.’

We hear powerful and amazing sermons, attend top-rated seminars and yet somehow we feel things just are not changing in our life.

It’s time to tell your story, to validate your worthiness and open yourself to receive ALL that God has – just for YOU! Once we own our feelings, whatever they are now or have been in the past, we receive grace. When we know we are whole, complete and healthy children of God, we can tell our story proudly. We know that God has brought us through to this moment to serve as a blessing to ourselves and others. Our trials, tribulations and subsequent victories prepared us for who we are today. The past is gone, Thanks God.

Accepting our true nature of ‘goodness’, we can fully receive and apply the prosperity lessons we are learning. We say ‘Yes’ to God and ourselves. Go ahead and give yourself liberty to tell your story. You can write it out. You can share within a safe environment, a loving support group or trusted friend. You may even find while sharing that your story is the same as another. We are each a part of the ‘One Family of God.’

Doing this exercise during my weekly sessions within the HIV/AIDS community has brought new life springing forth from these individuals who had accepted they were no good and good for nothing. As we each share our story healing has taken place in wondrous ways. The group is extremely supportive and encourages each other to tell the whole story. So we share about drug use and abuse. We tell about our childhood horrors of being molested or raped. We share from a place of safety knowing the others will still embrace us with unconditional love. We trust and know that our past is just that, over and done with. That the past is something we cannot change. We then place total forgiveness around the situation and persons involved, including and most importantly ourselves. We proceed to wrap the situation and people in absolute love. Lives are changing. New life is ever present. The individuals are currently doing things that they thought were impossible. They are going back to school to learn a new trade, computer skills; careers in the medical field among others. Moving out from the shelters into their own homes is another result. This is happening because they have been freed from the shackles of their past. They have allowed a new thought to be entertained in their memory and hearts. Our stories are real and worthy to be told. You are worthy and deserve to live a full life void of unforgiveness and bitterness. It is possible to release, forgive and love any and all unpleasant situations from your past. It is now time to live life fully in harmony and joy.

Whatever is holding you back from fully experiencing life, remember it, forgive it and then love it! This is the way to a wonderful life experience here on earth. Your story is whatever you say it is, it does not have to be true for anyone other than yourself. So tell it. Celebrate your victory over the past. Honor exactly where you are this very day and LIVE!

Watch miracles unfold as you lovingly embrace your awesome, wonderful self.

Remember, I Love You.

Rev. Sandy Rodgers

Author's Bio: 

With a lifelong pursuit of learning, community strengthening and multi-cultural sensitivity, Sandy Rodgers is professional, motivated, dependable, ambitious and focused on social reform while mastering interpersonal and leadership skills. She combines her spirituality with her corporate experience creating a unique blend of inspiring change by empowering people.

She is a Youth Advocate in which her contributions began with being actively involved in both Boy Scouts of America serving as Area Commissioner and Girl Scouts of America; Youth Motivation Task Force – Los Angeles 1992; UBITQUITDUS Modeling and Referral Service, helping to build and expand the organization in the Southern California area; Nu Vision Modeling and Entertainment offering inner city youth opportunities to learn and perform throughout the city; worked with the NAACP Youth Department; Motivational Speaker, Atlanta Regional Youth Detention Center; serve on the current Board and is the Conference Facilitator of The World Is Yours Youth Rally in Ft. Worth Texas, currently serving more than 3000 youth annually.

Ms. Rodgers legacy of community service has been global in her efforts to outreach internationally. She began in 1993 coordinating the USA-Berlin Initiative in Los Angeles bridging the divide of artists of various ethnic backgrounds to produce both music and an International Peace Mural in riot torn Los Angeles. Currently she serves as the Matron of African Heritage Youth Club in Ghana West Africa. She is organizer of the Total Wellness Project, addressing the psycho-social needs of children affected by AIDS in Africa, with a team of professionals across the United States. Ms. Rodgers received the International Peace Prize in 2007.

In the health, healing and recovery fields, Ms Rodgers is a fully trained and certified Asst. Residential Director with AA, her tenure includes Last House on the Block and The Bridge for the Needy in Los Angeles. Currently she serves as a weekly group facilitator with Common Ground of AIDS Alliance for Faith and Health and a Level II Reiki Practioner.

Board and community affiliations include Sow As We Grow, Cobb Community Collaborative, Near Southeast CDC – Ft. Worth Texas, Shoot The Hoop, SpunKey Learning Concepts – Phoenix Arizona, Impact Life Global, Southside Ministerial Association, Metropolitan Executive and Professional Registry and NAFE – National Association of Female Executives.

Her work has been documented in the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Sentinel, Black Gold Magazine, Compton Bulletin, LA Watts Times, Black Business Pages, Herald Examiner, Marietta Daily Journal, Who’s Who In Black Atlanta – Spiritual Leaders and radio station KKDA in Fort Worth Texas.