I’ve counseled many people from every background and ledworkshops and lectures about self-empowering topics forabout 25 years. Over that time, I saw a need. Everyone wassearching. What they were looking for was unclear, manytimes. But the search was on. While I could meet many oftheir immediate needs, through counseling, they still neededa source, or connection with who they really were.

This was not a religious pursuit, per se, but a spiritualone. We all need to know our inner self. And the best wayfor us to get there is through meditation: a quiet time ofsome sort---contemplation. So out of that need, I saw ananswer. Spreading information about basic meditation becamemy mission.

Almost all of the information I received about meditationover the years was through personal experience—trial anderror. I did not read any books on the subject. They allseemed too deep and philosophical. And many times, the books included a whole cultural exploration. This is good for someone looking into historical information, or perhaps a religious belief. But just to know the basics of whatmeditation is and how to do it, there wasn’t anything.

I’ve been able to connect very well with the groups I’vespoken to because I’ve been in their shoes. I had first handexperience looking for my own inner self. And so, the columnyou see here will explore for you, the personal experiencesof the proverbial searcher.

I had just graduated from high school, and was looking forsome kind of personal project for the summer. Since I livedin a very small town, and it was in the 1960’s, I was verysurprised to find a yoga class being offered at the nearbymiddle school. I was always open for the new and different,and this fit the bill.

I joined the class as soon as I could and found myself insome very strange positions. But there was one position thatI kept going back to. It was sitting cross-legged with myhands resting on my knees, palms up. It immediately made mesit straight, and my spine was relaxed.

While practicing this position at home, a strange thinghappened. I began to feel unusual. There wasn’t any way Icould describe it. But it was a kind of light-headedfeeling---almost like dropping off to sleep—--but I wasawake.

I asked the instructor about it on the very next session.She assured me it was fine. But I had my reservations. So Istopped. I didn’t go back to the class. And I didn’tcontinue with the yoga practice.

I found out much later that I was beginning meditation. Theinstructor must have been concerned about giving too muchinformation about yoga philosophy and the spiritualtraditions of Eastern India.

Our community was extremely slow about accepting new ideas. She was probably reluctant to introduce something new that could cause problems. So the yoga positions were only taught as an exercise.

I imagine many new or different ideas were stifled in thebeginning. Some hesitate to share information for fear ofbeing rejected or ostracized. And some of us hesitate tolook at new information because we’re afraid of rocking theboat.

As you explore the concept of meditation, you will learnabout the varied benefits that can be brought about bymeditation, including health, emotional release, and self-empowerment. You will realize that meditation is about ease.

The Purpose of Meditation

Meditation is a way to connect with the inner self, or whatsome believe is the Divine Spark of God that we all are. Itis to become quiet: to allow all outside disturbances tofade away, to be comfortable with the quiet. That quiet, orsilence, which is allowed in, can calm the mind, restore thebody, and define a spiritual path.

Let’s take this opportunity to try a sample meditation on for size. Remember that this is a sample. It gives us the chance to practice. And in practicing, we learn.

Bringing In A Quiet Moment

Take a moment out of your busy day. Go for a five-minutewalk by yourself. Pay attention to the sound of yourfootsteps. Let it become even with your heartbeat. When thisrhythm within you overrides the sounds of the day, take adeep cleansing breath. Look at the sky. Watch the clouds.Just enjoy the moment. This is the skill of meditation. Itis nothing harder than that: just taking a moment, andrelaxing into it. Allow your mind to relax into it.

This is just a very quick way for everyone to get some ideaof what meditation is like. There are plenty of differenttypes of meditations, as many as there are people. Itrequires a few undisturbed minutes, dedication and a desire.It will open up a whole new world for you. Just give it atry.

Author's Bio: 

Rev. Melissa Leath is a personal growth and metaphysical counselor and a meditation instructor. To find out more about the ease of meditation visit her website: http://www.MeditationMadeEasy.com