We've all been there, are there, or may possibly go there at some point in our lives...and it's no fun, either. What I'm talking about is the blues brought on by unexpected life changes. Somewhere between here and there, our lifestyles become convoluted with "stuff" -- stuff that doesn't make sense, stuff that shouldn't have happened, and some stuff that we've created by our own works. But no matter what happens in life, you must always remember that there is a purpose and a time for all these things to occur -- whether we want them to happen or not. So you're in a rut...what is your automatic response? Do you flip out and go off the deep end? Do you withdraw? Or do you simply shake your head and cry? First, let's get one thing straight: thinking negatively is not going to get you anywhere fast, so let's toss out all the negative thoughts and look forward with these four tips to overcoming the blues with the Manifestation Method:

  1. Meditate: When in doubt, the best way to manifest your own success in life is to begin a daily meditation ritual. Spend five to 15 minutes every day in meditation to give your mind and soul a break from the daily drama of life. Begin your meditation by finding a quiet, relaxing place in your home. Some individuals feel more at ease in nature, so a park bench or nice shade tree will do just fine. The next step is to clear your mind from all the clutter. Visualize a favorite place, time, or event in your life and focus on these happier times. Now, close your eyes and take a long, deep breath. When you breathe in, I want you to visualize that you are breathing in light and positive energy. Allow this breath to circulate through every muscle, organ, gland, and cell in your body. Next, exhale through your mouth as though you are ridding every toxin and negative thought from inside you. Repeat these steps at slow, paced intervals. Each time, you are gaining clarity and vitality from the Universal flow of energy. The more you practice this form of meditation, the healthier, happier, and more successful you will be.
  2. Transform: Transformation is a process. Just like the lowly caterpillar must draw from its innate powers to evolve into a majestic butterfly, so does the human mind, body, and spirit. The "blues," in a way, are also a transformation process for many of us. We must sometimes endure sorrow, pain, and stressful situations to truly realize our fullest potential. It's not that God is punishing us, or Karma has got its grips on our lives -- it's just that when we are headed in the wrong direction, the Universe has a way of clearing out the old to allow space for the new. Since you already have an idea about how to meditate to gain clarity in your life, you have already begun the transformation process for a positive lifestyle makeover.
  3. Manifest: When you have readied your path to personal (or professional) greatness, you discover that you are able to manifest just about anything your heart desires. For some individuals, manifesting good health and happiness is the key to success; still others choose to manifest wealth and wisdom. No matter at what stage you are in your life, the Manifestation Method can help you make smart choices to achieve prosperity in every aspect of your life. If you truly want to create the life you've always wanted to lead, then using the Manifestation Method is just one part of the equation. You must also believe that you can and will achieve anything it is you genuinely want to achieve. The more you focus on the outcome you'd like to see, the stronger likelihood it is that it will manifest itself through you.
  4. Lifestyle Makeover: Last, but not least is the end result. Your blues are all but dust in the wind. You've learned that you can survive and overcome life's hurdles. We may not always want what life hands us or when it hands it to us...but it may just be what the Universe wants us to experience so that we can evolve into the beautiful butterflies we are intended to become. Your lifestyle makeover is what you create for yourself. This means that you can reach higher levels of consciousness and proclivity of life so you can manifest and fulfill the destiny that you want to have. It's a matter of learning and applying the inner wisdom that you intuitively have to transform your life into one worth living. The task is up to you.

Until we speak again, I am

Joan Marie the Gift, Intuition Girl

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Life got you down? 4 Tips to Overcoming the Blues
By Joan Marie the Gift, Intuition Girl

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Joan Marie Whelan, an internationally known intuitive specialist, business consultant, medium, and coach travels throughout the United States sharing her gifts and the Manifestation Method with solo-preneurs, professionals, small business owners, and large companies. For more information, please go to joanmariewhelan.com