Life has meaning if we choose. Why don’t we choose?

Everyday we have so many options and potentials that we seem to miss.

Why? Is it that we are tied down to the ‘rat race’ of life? Why do we choose to have meaning on the events that we cannot control? The events that hit us sideways- such as a birth, a death, a positive or negative intense life experience?

These are questions I have asked myself more than I care to remember. Then it hit me - we don’t need more questions. We need more direction and understanding.

We are intelligent enough to realize that we see what we want to see. Hear what we want to hear. For example, abused partners in relationships often brush under the carpet the abuse, torment and emotional and physical hurt in the distorted belief their partner ‘is a really nice person deep down’.

How we lose our keys and say to ourselves ‘I can’t find my keys, I have lost them’, yet we find them on the table we checked 30 times already.

How people with eating disorders see a huge obese person when in reality they’re on the verge of death through years of starving.

Are we sending suggestions to our unconscious to distort, even delete parts of our view of life?

How can we get crystal clear clarity in our lives? How can we focus on meaning rather existing?

Okay, first we have to stop, look and listen to what’s happening inside ourselves. We focus too much on the future, causing the rush of life - wasting too much energy on the external materialistic items. Not that that buying nice things is bad-in fact I mean the opposite, but how can we fully benefit those luxuries if we can’t experience real meaning and connection with ourselves first?

We have got to start living in the present – to live in the now.

So here we go some tips for living in the now - with meaning:

An attitude of gratitude anchor – find a small stone or another nice small item which you can carry around on a daily basis. I would suggest putting it with your keys or your wallet as these are thing we use daily.

Here’s what we do, at night you would empty your pockets taking out your keys, wallet and Gratitude anchor. Every time you pick touch/see the gratitude anchor think of all the things you’re grateful for. Do the same when picking it up in the morning and any other time you see or touch the item. This will start to develop powerful new associations of gratitude, whilst strengthening that feeling each time you do the process. When this happens we start to feel good about the now and give meaning and appreciation for where we are right now, therefore letting life flow with us, rather than against us. After a period of time, your unconscious will be hooked up to those feelings and will naturally give you the feeling of gratitude and living in the now. In just the same way we automatically put our hand out when some puts theirs out to you when greeting each other- it will become unconscious.

So what are you grateful for? Hey, don’t say ‘I don’t know, my life is rubbish’! What about the fact you may have a roof over your head, family, a job, health, the eyes to read this? We can be thankful for anything and everything.

Start living with meaning, create momentum with it, because when you flow so does everything else.

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