Almost every living human being has a vision or dream of what he/she desires in life. I am sure that many of you, when you think of a vision, you imagine an apparition, a burning bush, a spirit of some sort, something celestial, or you think of a vision as an idea in your head that is "just" a thought, a fleeting idea of what life would be like, only if. Only if life were different, only if you were older, younger, taller, shorter, skinnier, had longer hair, straighter hair, a bigger butt, smaller thighs, were prettier, married, single, free, could walk, had money, had a job, had a better job, had a much better job, were not oppressed, if only things were different, if only you had not gotten raped, if only he had not mistreated you, only if you weren't in a wheelchair, if only you were not sick, if only "people" didn't have an attitude, if only the lights would all just turn green! If only your parents believed you, if only someone would listen, if only you didn't stutter, if only you could be like her, if only you had a voice.

I am here to tell you that you do. You have a voice.

She whispers gently to you, lovingly. She is the voice that never leaves you, your comforter, your Higher Self. Listen to your inner voice. Through it, you will realize your vision.

The other thing with visions is that people don't take them seriously. We all talk a lot about our dreams and what we want to do, but it all seems so esoteric, and when it comes down to getting things done, we let fear get in the way. Have you ever said to yourself, "it was just a crazy dream? It's not realistic. I can't do that."

What you are forgetting is that you, a woman, you, a young girl, you, a child are bold and beautiful and unrivalled in the unique creation that is you. What you also need to know is that your vision is God within you speaking out and wanting to be heard - wanting you to create a life that is beyond your wildest dream, a life that is bigger than your fear - because you deserve it. This is very powerful stuff.

When you live your best life, when you live your highest vision of which you are meant to become, you find yourself in synchrony with yourself and your life purpose. You connect better with others and you are in direct connection with the Divine. You live the life that you are meant to live, your mind is clear, your body strong and your spirit soars - mind, body and spirit are aligned with your purpose. In living your vision, you are honoring your life.

How do you live your vision?

Listen to yourself. What is it that you most want in life? What is your wildest dream? What makes your soul sing? What makes you smile? Most times, we are so distracted with what we ought to be doing that we don't do what we should be doing. We are listening to the radio, the television, the ipod, the computer, mom, dad, the children, the husband, what society tells us that we should be doing, that we tune out the voice in our heads and in our hearts, the little voice that speaks to you from time to time in your dreams, or in the back of your mind. Listen to your voice - listen to yourself. Or do you ever sit down to think for a moment about what you really want and find that you don't even know? When you hear that voice in your head, whose voice is it? Is it your mom's, your dad's, or perhaps your ex-husband's? Who is it? There are times when I had to fight to remember and decipher my own voice amongst all the others. I had forgotten who I was. I had to find her. I had to remember. You have to remember. Find a quiet moment to hear what you have to say. In your quiet time, as you meditate and remember who you are and what it is that you want, listen to your heart.

Visualize Your Wildest Dream. The best way that I know how to create what I want in life is to visualize. When I want something, I close my eyes and imagine it. I feel it, I smell it in my mind I can touch it. You try it. Try to know what it feels like to live your vision. Embrace that feeling and feel what it is like not to want it, but to be it and to be it in abundance. You see, when you want something and you live as if you don't have it, you are putting out to the Universe that you are in lack of it. However, when you have a vision or a dream and act towards it, it creates itself. Visualize it, feel it and "be" it into existence.

Think of how powerful the Creator is, to have made the earth, the stars, the sun, the rain and billions of people, none alike, not even twins, think of that vast, unimaginable imagination then remember that you and I are made in His image. Imagine that! That is a lot of imagining huh?

Feel what it is like to be created in the image of God. Remember, He created the world with His words. And so can you. Feel what it is like to have a dream and how good it would feel for your wildest dream to come true. Envision your life, as you would live it, if only... Now, open your eyes and create it. Move into it. Write it down on paper, multiply it by ten and live it. Visualizing is seeing, believing and acting your dream into existence.

Walk Into Your Fear. Earlier I mentioned fear. Now, most of us are very acquainted with this persistent fellow. Along with the voice in your head telling you to live your dream, you have the other voice asking you why, how, what if and telling you that you can't. Fear can be the most paralyzing and daunting of emotions, but it can also be your best friend...if you work with it.

I am sure you have spent many years being afraid of one thing or another - afraid that you won't get a job, afraid to speak before a crowd, afraid that, afraid that someone wouldn't like you or that you won't be a success, afraid of living life to the fullest. Just because you are afraid you won't do it right. Has it occurred to you that no matter what your fear, life is still moving forward? Yes, it is still moving forward. The clock is not going to stop turning, not for you, not for me, not for your fears or mine, not for anyone. So, if fear would be a constant, but unwanted companion, you need to make him work for you.

What do you do? You move into it. You walk directly and purposefully into and through your fear. Once you are on the other side, you will find that most of what you were afraid of was a paper dragon -it never existed, but what you would have created is better, stronger and more empowered.

Another tool that I learned for dealing with fear is to find a quiet moment to be with and feel what you are afraid of. Try to know what fear feels like. The emotion it feels closest to is excitement. If you imagine feeling excited then, apprehension, you have fear. So, when you are in a situation, whatever it may be, take out a coin and hold it in your hand. Imagine that one side is your fear and the other side is your excitement about moving into a new experience, a new space in your personal journey of life. Make a choice. Flip the coin to the other side and move forward. Move through it. You have nothing to lose but the time you spent being afraid and the regret you felt for not living.

As you move forward in life and imagine realizing your vision, you must listen to yourself, visualize your wildest dreams and move through your fears.

Remember that you are uniquely and gracefully made. There is no one else that has ever existed that is a replica of you and there never will be. Use your life. Live your vision. That is your purpose in life and for that you are accountable - accountable to yourself and to the world to honor the mission and create the legacy that was ordained before you were ever born. Fan the flames of the candle that God lit in the world when he lovingly created you, so that it may shine brilliantly and be an inspiration to others.

Author's Bio: 

Maimah Karmo, a motivational speaker and empowerment expert, is the President and CEO of Maimah Karmo Enterprises ( She is also the Founder of Tigerlily Foundation (, a breast cancer foundation, dedicated to educating, advocating and connecting women in the fight against breast cancer; and co-founder of Women's Heath Seminars.