We've all experienced situations in which we've been nervous to speak our own personal truth. Perhaps it's a conversation about politics, and we are shy
about giving our opinion, feeling it somehow insignificant or trivial. Or maybe we're involved in a discussion of religion or spirituality, and we don't
feel comfortable sharing our beliefs for whatever reason.

Speaking our own truths can sometimes be difficult. We may fear that others will laugh at us, ignore us, or, worst of all, reject us. We want our opinions
and our truths to be respected, if not appreciated. How can we speak our truths from a place of love and confidence instead of a place of fear and anxiety?

I heard somewhere once that, "If God didn't want us to speak, we wouldn't have been given the faculty to do so." It's certainly a point worth our consideration.
We humans are the only creatures who can use words to articulate our needs, emotions, wishes and dreams. Because God bestowed this gift upon us, shouldn't
we use it to try to make the world a better, more loving place for all God's creatures?

It is also important to remember that sometimes, we must break our silence once in order to gain confidence in our words. Sometimes, when beginning to speak
from our hearts, we may feel fearful or intimidated. But often, as we continue to speak, this allows are confidence to grow and our voice and conviction
to strengthen. Those first few words are often the hardest part. But after that first sentence is uttered, we are anxious to continue our dialog. If we
can speak from our heart once, doing it a second, third and fourth time is often a good deal easier.

When speaking about something which we hold near and dear to our hearts, it is often simply a matter of plucking up our courage before we open our mouths.
Ask God, in whatever way you worship God, or your angels, to assist you in finding the courage and confidence to speak your truth with conviction and clarity.
You may want to call upon Archangel Gabriel, the messenger angel, for assistance, as well. Speak lovingly and passionately, allowing that love and passion
to radiate throughout your words and your conversations. This will most likely be noticed and appreciated by your listeners.

Finally, remember that, by speaking your truth, you may be the catalyst for motivating another to do the same. Saying your truth with passion, whether others
agree with you or not, often inspires your listeners into sharing even more of themselves, thereby strengthening the bonds of friendship and sharing gifts
of knowledge. If people like Gandhi and Martin Luther King hadn't stood up for causes they considered to be true and just, imagine how different the world
might be today?

You may feel that your truth isn't as important or emboldened as that of Gandhi, but it can still spread knowledge and love, give hope, and maybe even change
lives. So, what are you waiting for?... raise your voice and speak your heart's truth boldly, fervently, and with love. By sharing from your heart,
you touch the hearts of others.

Author's Bio: 

Kim Loftis is a Certified Spiritual Healing Practitioner, Certified Life Coach, and Certified Spiritual Coach, residing in the picturesque mountains of western North Carolina. Kim's passion is in assisting her clients to discover, or further explore and map out, their own spiritual paths, and walk them with grace, ease and great joy. As a spiritual seeker herself, Kim delights in watching her clients evolve and transform upon their spiritual journeys. Please visit Kim's website where you can learn more about her own journey, and her wide variety of personalized services. While you're visiting, check out Kim's fun and informative teleclasses, and sign up for her transformational, bi-weekly newsletter, Heartsong. Kim would be honored to serve you!