With so many wealth and business gurus out there, how's a person to know what is real and what is not? Today's knowledge campaign trail is filled with new renditions of very old songs but are all worthy of an attentive ear? The problem presents itself in deciding which wannabe prophet we want to follow. True, all of us have a gift or message that needs to be shared but there is a certain level of integrity that must prevail in earning the respect of an audience. And unfortunately our standards for "FOLLOWSHIP" have become somewhat turned inside out.

In fact, it's almost fashionable to be inappropriately popular. This brings to mind the MAFIA. Growing up in the seventies, gurus were plenty and the MAFIA was still quietly regarded as the GOOD BAD GUY. Meaning, it's okay to kill, mame and pass judgment as long as you make some philanthropic demonstration to balance the scales. Today the MAFIA is not what it used to be (the popular clique on the block) but there are other similar social scams out there; some far more deceptive than the mafia of the 70's could have ever imagined. These can be identified in every facet of life; music, education, government, business, spirituality and healthcare. It's called "politics"... I call it "propheteering".

Propheteering is a strategy used to market ideas and make icons or gurus out of great actors and actresses. Little attention is given to the integrity of the message. In fact, they can be singing the same song and consumers are made to believe it is something new. I don't care if we are voting for a President or looking to sign up our company with a business consulting firm promising wealth, we must look at the intention behind the firm. Intention is everything.
Questions to ask:

1. Is there more than one expert on staff?
2. Is the playground shared in terms of promoting the product or is the attention primarily focused on one or two individuals in terms of making the OPRAH circuit?
3. Do company representatives serve well outside of their career pursuit?

If the answer is yes to all three questions, make an appointment to listen to their sales pitch. We don't need anymore Prophets seeking Profits. We need people serving people.

Perhaps I'm dating myself, but remember when the customer came first and was always right?

I do.

Author's Bio: 

Zannah Hackett is the CEO and Founder of the YOU CONSULTING GROUP; A group of highly qualified and certified relationship technologists in the use of today's utimate life tool, advanced human assessment technology for business, home and life.