You embody a ray of sunshine
Renew your dreams on March Fourth
May your light shine ever so brightly
And may you always March Forth

A body and soul forever growing
Right before our eyes
A life rich with possibility
As endless as the sky

There are many lessons you will learn
As you go through your days
May your heart overflow with love
For you this I pray

We'll be near supporting you
In awe of your transformation
What may lie ahead for you
Is as infinite as your imagination

May you welcome all in friendship
Of every color and race
We are all someones son or daughter
On Earth here to share this space

May you always live in harmony
With every living being
We are all the same in God's eyes
With many gifts to bring

You were born with gifts to share
In time you will soon uncover
You'll make mistakes through trial and error
This is how you will discover

The sooner that you get this lesson
The easier life will be
The greatest treasures don't require money
The best things in life are free

A smile from a friend, a hand to hold
A hug, a song to sing
A pat on the back, a kiss on the cheek
They'll never cost a thing

Don't overlook the simple things
Like the meaning of true wealth
Love, happiness, peace of mind,
Your spirit and your health

And when you're blessed to make a new friend
Love them with all of your might
Love can conquer anything
If you keep your dreams in sight

For a dream would not be inside you
If it wasn't yours to keep
May you always believe in yourself
And have the courage to seek

May you learn and be bold in challenges
And be strong in the face of fear
Things that first seem impossible
Are not always what they appear

The answers are always inside you
To find them just be still
Always hold tight to your heart's desires
Your dreams will come true, they will

For you were a dream once held in the heart
And now you are real, you are here
You're living proof, dreams do come true
And that God is always near

You embody a ray of sunshine
Renew your dreams on March Fourth
May your light shine ever so brightly
And may you always MARCH FORTH!

Copyright Jill Koenig

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